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families achieveing

supporting and inspiring parents and their children to succeed and achieve in their lives through education, health, care and recreation -enjoying time together

April 2012 - March 2013

Charity information: Home-Start Stoke-on-Trent

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  • Need


    families face increasing pressures and demands- more so through chnages to benefits/housing systems, many more parents will be forced into the job market, incresasing their anxieties and fears for their futures -families spend less and less time together - the scheme faced significant cuts in budgets reducing the level of service/support we can offer


    encourage and support parents in their achievements to undertake voluntary work, formal/informal learning, becoming more employable- reserach shows how this can have a positive impact on childrens ability and commitment to learning and employment.
    Supporting families to spend enjoyabe time together, sharing learning and successes

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    improve parents, self esteem, confidence and motivation


    » supporting parents to undertake learning for themselves, signposting to providers, accompanying them to colleges, groups etc

    Success will be...
    parents achieveing courses, certificates, qualifications

    Aim 2

    improve parenting abilities and mangement of children's behavour


    » run parenting courses

    Success will be...
    children appropriately behavour, parents less stressed

    Aim 3

    improse children's self esteem, confidence and achievements


    » provide children with a mentor/ supporter to take an interset in what they do - to support parents interest in children's acheivemnts

    Success will be...children achievements in /out of school - certificates, attendance, behavour

  • Impact


    parents less stressed, more able and confident to amange children, becoming employable - financially better of

    children gaining confidence and achieving educationally -staying on and gaining qualifications, higher education - employment -financially viable - home owners etc


    parents non engagement due to lack of confidence, self esteem,motivation - home-start way of working ie sensitive perseverance, friendship, non threatening, non judgemental, parent to parent, not time limited helps break down these barriers and motivates parents


    annual reports
    statistical reports quarterly, annually

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £40,000 salaries staff salaries, NI etc
      £2,500 travel and other expenses volunteers expenses
      £2,500 travel and other expenses family expenses
      £5,000 purchase of furntiure/equipmen capital items/family items
  • Background


    Stoke-on-trent - an area designated as one of the most deprived in the UK- low employmnet, unskilled workforce, leaving school early with little/no qulaifications, high levels of NEETs, poor health statistics, higher than average teenage pregnancies/parents, low breast feeding rates, low birth rates, higher rates of premature deaths due to cancers, heart disease


    parents and children who are disadvantaged due to poverty/debt, unemployment, poor housing, disability, mental health, teenage/lone parents, long term illness, asylum seekers, refugees, BME families.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    have 27 years of successfully supporting families in Stoke-on-Trent -local knowledge - trusted by parents - flexible and innovative, responsive to parnets/families needs - support whole family - reputation for partnership working

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    recruit, train, support team of volunteers and staff accept referrals, initial visits, qaurterly reviews, endings attend meetings, provide reports


    provide practical help and support to familise in their own homes every week - help with transport, childcare, housework, appointments, advice, mentor