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Surviving Winter

Donate your Winter Fuel Payment to help someone who needs it more to survive this winter.

Keeping warm is obvioulsy a major factor but when you find it difficult to get out and about in the best of weather, the winter is a time when elderly people feel even more vulnerable, lonely and isolated.

October 2011 - February 2012


  • Need


    People live in fuel poverty when their fuel costs take more than 10% of their income.

    In Oxfordshire 172 excess winter deaths are related to cold weather conditions.

    The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has estimated that a typical pensioner couple living in a rural dwelling will spend £580 more each year on heating and lighting than if they lived in an urban dwelling. More than 50% of the population of Oxfordshire live in rural areas where oil is often the only available source of fuel.


    In the true spirit of Christmas, we are calling on those who can afford to forego their Winter Fuel Allowance to donate the money, or some small part of it to those for whom it is not nearly enough.

    The Oxfordshire Community Foundation will distribute the money raised to small volunteer led groups working on a one to one basis with the elderly to provide pratical help and support with home visits, befriending visits and emergency grants to fund their immediate fuel costs.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To highight the challenge of surviving winter faced by vulnerable households in fuel poverty.


    » Our local community knowledge and 30 years experience of National Energy Action will work directly with volunteer led groups who support the elderly

    A more balanced understanding that fuel poverty affects people’s overall wellbeing. It can damage quality of life and health, as well as impose wider social costs on the community.

  • Impact


    Long term improvement in Oxfordshire Health Statistics.

    Fuel poverty is directly linked to: respiratory disease such as severe asthma and increased accident risk and cold damp homes are are known contributory factors causing depression, fatigue and nervousness.

    Currently there are 172 excess winter deaths in Oxfordshire, therefore, even a reduction of less than1% would be significant, as this would result in saving one human life.


    The project was road tested last year on a very small local scale to help identify any potential risks.

    Engaging early on with the groups we hope to support with the monies raised was a key learning from this.


    Our website will be regularly updated with ongoing activities and achievements as well as feedback from goups and individuals in receipt of our support.

    Donors will also be invited to join us on facebook and have the option of receiving a monthly e newsletter.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £75,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 allocation of staff costs Dealing with grant applications / drafting donor communications and updates
      £65,000 grant funding supporting volunteer groups working with those in fuel poverty
  • Background


    Oxfordshire - a county of mass affluence yet one with hidden pockets of social deprvation and many vulnerable households living in fuel poverty.


    In 2010 a similar much smaller scale appeal it was estimated that the Oxfordshire Community Foundation reached out and touched the lives of more than 2500 elderly people with its Surviving Winter Appeal.

    In 2011, we would like to double the number of individuals who will benefit from our support and hence have doubled our fundraising target / project costs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Oxfordshire Community Foundation is a champion of local giving to support the work of hundreds of small volunteer led groups and community based activities.

    Our expertise and local knowledge can help others identify causes on their doorstep that might otherwise have remained unkonwn to them.

    We are a trusted and independent local charity looking to make a difference by bringing together local philanthropists who wish to give money to support their local community in Oxfordshire.

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    Jayne Woodley

    Chief Executive, Jayne is passionately committed to creating a movement of likeminded and willing kindred spirits to see Oxfordshire Giving More.