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Project information

A Moving Motoring Experience

When children sit in our lovely 1904 Pope Tribune car, their grins tell us everything we need to know.

Our wish is to make this experience even better – by providing more period costumes, more educational activities and by getting the car running again.


Charity information: National Motor Museum Trust

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  • Need


    Museum exhibits can appear remote, which can lead to the related history seeming distant, particularly for younger visitors. We encourage children to sit in our Pope Tribune so they can experience the difference between old and modern cars first-hand.

    Technological advances in motoring can make it difficult to explain how vehicles work. Using veteran cars when technology was much simpler can make it much easier to for children to understand.


    By getting our 1904 Pope Tribune running and providing a wide range of relevant clothing and other associated artefacts, we hope to inspire, educate and entertain our younger and less able visitors.

    By dressing up in period costume, sitting in the car, looking under the bonnet, being driven or watching it being driven and being involved in hands-on activities, our younger visitors will be able to interact with exhibits and gain an experience which appeals to many of their senses.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide:
    - an interactive experience
    - a sensory experience
    - an educational experience


    » To undertake restoration of our 1904 Pope Tribune and to get it running so the engine can be heard running and car can be seen being driven on site
    » To make available items of clothing representative of the period so visitors can dress up and see how people used to look in early days of motoring
    » To select archive, photographic and other material to help set the social context, to help visitors to understand different aspects of early motoring

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured, along with that of other areas, within our on-going visitor feedback surveys, by monitoring usage by school groups and by the general public.

  • Impact


    Long term changes - inspiration of enthusiasm about motoring and motoring history.

    By enhancing the children's museum experience, we hope this will help to inspire interest in motoring, museums and history.

    Success will be measured through the visitor surveys, though monitoring increased visitor repeat visits, through feedback from schools and other groups and through the number of photographs added to the Live History/People's Gallery board.


    Theft of clothing and other artefacts will be minimised through the monitoring of use of clothing and other artefacts.


    Donors to this project will receive a monthly email or text report on the project detailing the on-going progress and any necessary changes that have been made to the project plans.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Education Development of educational material, including activity sheets
      £2,000 Clothing Provision of clothing representative of period
      £10,000 Pope Tribune Get engine running so children can see and hear engine
  • Background


    The National Motor Museum can be found at Beaulieu, which is situated in the heart of the New Forest near Southampton in the South of England.


    All visitors to the Museum, of all ages and abilities, but particularly children within families, schools, general interest groups and enthusiasts clubs.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The National Motor Museum was opened in 1972 and is currently visited by 360,000 visitors each year.

    This includes an award winning formal school education programme, with approximately 9,000 children visiting each year.

    We are keen to inspire an active interest in motoring history which stays with our visitors throughout their visit and long after they have left for home. We believe our plans will achieve this.

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    Chris Gutteridge

    As the education officer I believe the Pope Tribune gives us a fantastic opportunity to show the children how motoring influenced everyday life.