Project information

BMX TRasck and Skateboard Park Upgrade

The principal aim is to provide recreation facilities that are wanted by young people in the village. A secondary aim is to involve the young people in the development of this facility and thereby create a sense of ownership, achievement and responsibility.

The project is in the definition phase, with young people drawing plans for what is wanted.

Charity information: Stoke sub Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust

Stoke sub Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust
  • Need


    The existing facilities need upgrading to provide an increased sporting challenge to the users and thereby regenerate interest and use. There are also problems with vandalism in the area of the facilities which reduce use.


    Improved facilities, designed by the young people and provided through the Trust will provide new and exciting BMX track and skateboard park for the young people. Increased use by a wide range of age groups will reduce the opportunities for destructive vandalism. The engagement of the young people from the outset will create a sense of ownership, achievement and responsibility which will impact on the vandalism, through an element of self-policing.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide improved BMX and skateboard park facilities for young people to use in the village.


    » Modify the BMX track to make it more challenging for use by younger age groups.
    » Modify the skateboard park to provide more equipment and increase the complexity and challenge of the facility for young people.

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated through increased usage and a reduction in damage.

    Aim 2

    To reduce damage and vandalism


    » Provide improved facilities to increase use.
    » Engage with the young people form the outset to create a sense of ownership and achievement

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated through increased usage and a reduction in vandalism.

  • Impact


    Development and engagement of the young people involved in the project will manifest itself as they progress through their education.

    A reduction in malicious damage will improve the feel of the facilities - demonstrated through positive feedback during routine inspections.

    The availability of improved recreation facilities not damaged by vandalism will provide somewhere safe for young people to go and enjoy themselves - measured the reduction in anti-social behaviour in the village


    The main risk to the project is lack of funding to meet the aspirations of the young people engage with the project at this stage and our inability to provide a result in their interest span (1-2 years).

    This issue has been discussed with the young people engaged at this stage and they understand that projects take time.

    Partnership funding is being developed to provide the facilities that will meet the needs of the young people engaged in developing the design.


    Quarterly during the project reporting progress against budget and any problems or successes.

    Bi-annually after the completion of the project reporting achievement against aims and any issues arising.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Skateboard park Surface Repair of existing surface
      £5,000 Skateboard park Surface Lay new surface
      £7,000 New equipment New jumps
      £5,000 BMX track Project breakdown can be provided
  • Background


    Stoke sub Hamdon Recreation Ground, West Street currently provides football pitches, a football training area (including floodlighting), a pavilion BMX track, skateboard park and a youth shelter. It is managed for the Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council by the Sports and Recreation Trust. The Parish Council rents the land from the Duchy of Cornwall.


    Stoke sub Hamdon is a busy and popular village with a population of approximately 2000 about 6 miles from Yeovil. There are two schools, Castle Primary School and Stanchester Community School - the catchment area comprehensive for ages 11-16. It is a dynamic working village with an active sense on community. In 2009, Stoke won the business award in the the Calor Village of the Year competition. In 1999 Stoke was the Regional winner of the competition in Village of the Year.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Trust has been established to provide facilities for the village and has been successful with projects to date for a new football pitch, the existing BMX track and skateboard park and the new pavilion. It is a dynamic organisation that has the full support of the Parish and District council.

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    Peter Hulett

    Chairman of the Trust and the Future Projects sub Committee

    Val Stokes

    Treasurer and member of the Future Projects sub Committee

    Tim Brookes

    Member of the Trust, the Youth Football Teams and the Future Projects sub Committee

    Sylvia Seal

    District Councillor and member of the Future Projects sub Committee