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Bring a thing

Inspired by the new building , local people will be asked to contribute an object they treasure redolent of the town o its history to make a sculpture to be be exhibited when the CAGM re-opens, involving the community, a local artist and making a new work of art for Cheltenham.

approximately 6 months

Charity information: Friends of Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum

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  • Need


    Involving the local community in their Art Gallery & Museum and keeping the flame burning while the Art Gallery & Museum is closed for new building and refurbishment. Providing something new to attract people to the new building when it opens.


    The local community will be asked to participate in the sculpture by presenting the artist with items to be incorporated into the new sculpture. As part of the creative process, more people will be drawn to see the new building and to enjoy the art work it houses. Even those not directly involved will want to see the new acquisition of the CAGM.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide a sculpture for the new building which encapsulates the spirit of the community.


    » Invite members of the community to contribute items that represent Cheltenham to them through direct appeal and local press coverage.

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated in the number of people responding to the request for objects and the numbers attending the museum to view the finished product.

  • Impact


    Bringing new people into the CAGM and engaging them in future projects, demonstrated by monitoring attendance and questionnaires. A local artist will become invovled with the CAGM and will be given an opportunity to show his/her work to a larger audience.


    The major risk is a lack of public participation in the project. This risk will be countered by involving as many local organisations, press, and individuals as possible. Literature adveretising the project will be sent to local people and organisations and will be extensively advertised on the CAGM website and in the local press.


    We will have an illustrated report of the finished project which we will send to donors, and, though our website, will show some of the objects received and follow the work of the sculptor from initial inspiration to finished project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,350

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Sculptor fee Fee to artist
      £1,000 publicity Printing requests for items and follow-up progress reports
      £500 storage Providing a central location to receive and stor items donated
      £350 Opening Inviting participating donators and artists to a preview of the finished work
      £1,500 Admin To include personnel to monitor progress, receive goods, send out publicity and progress reports &c
  • Background


    The finished sculpture will be in a prominent position within the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum's new building. There is no entrance fee to the CAGM, so the work of art will be available to all.


    The local community who can participate in a new cultural hub for the town, a local artist who will receive the commission and the general public who will have a new work of art to view.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Friends of the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum (FCAGM) have a large membership consisting primarily of local people who have indicated their interest in the arts in general and in the local art gallery in particular. We have initiated projects aimed at involving more local people and are in a position to reach a large proportiono of the local community and to enlist their support.

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    Gina Wilson

    Gina is the chairman ofo the FCAGM. She is personally known to most of the members and is active in community projects.