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Caring for Young Carers

To meet the needs of 60+ young carers in Skye & Lochalsh so they stay safe & achieve their potential. They will receive regular time out from caring responsibilities, access training & meet with other young carers & supportive adults. We will reduce isolation & increase confidence and self esteem

Project will be ongoing

Charity information: Skye and Lochalsh Community Care Forum - Young Carers

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  • Need


    Young carers often have feelings of isolation & disadvantage due to the nature of their caring responsibilities at home. This includes social and educational underachievement, stigma, bullying as well as mental & physical ill health due to stress, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise. Some young carers have addtional needs due to their own chronic illness or disability while others can be at higher risk of neglect and/or abuse or homelessness.


    We will reduce risk & promote the potential of 60+ young carers each year through peer group support, training, time out from caring responsibilities, advocacy, one to one as well as bereavement support when required. This will be delivered through drop-in & weekly support groups & respite breaks

    Through partnership working with families and other agencies we will also deliver risk reduction programmes & improve support through increased awareness & recognition of young carers & their needs

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase the safety of young carers in their home and in society.


    » Work with Fire & Rescue, Womens Aid & local Constabulary Officers to deliver training programmes and information focusing on home and personal safety.
    » Through putting training programme & support group session learning into practice during respite outings both locally and off island in cities
    » With self evaluation questionnaire assessment of personal safety & observational evaluations by staff & vols. to raise young carer awareness levels

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured by the number of young carers completing training. Self evaluation feedback of usefulness & confidence levels will be collated from young carers & staff.

    Aim 2

    Increase the confidence, self esteem & resilence of young carers so they maximise their potential


    » Provide weekly activities which promote team working & task achievement . Plan respite breaks to promote goal setting & achievement of new skills.
    » Provide activities which promote respect during activitiy & group session time which leads to improved peer and adult support in the wider community
    » Partnership working to maximise opportunites for young carer skill & personal development through eg. Red Cross Service, Careers & potential employers

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured through young carer exit & self evaluations & staff observational assessments which are graphed to evidence awareness levels & progress/regression traits

  • Impact


    Young carers will feel more integrated and accepted in society. They will be better placed to become fullfilled adults through their increased confidence enabling them to embrace change, opportunites & acheivement, they will become positive role models.

    They will be safer in the community & in their future homes and be well placed to provide positive parenting to their own children.

    This will be evidenced through young carers achieving their personal milestones & being active citizens.


    Lack of funds to fullfill the young carers aspirations for the project. Young carers are involved in the planning and development of the service so they are encouraged to drive ideas, capitalise on positive opportunities & work within resource constraints.

    Lack of young carers coming forward for support - the service has been running for 11 years & the reputation of the service along with the good will of the local community has given it strong roots from which to continue growing.


    Through end of year reports and production of evaluation records.
    Through Skye and Lochalsh Young Carer website information.
    Through appropriate communication from young carers eg. case studies & updates.
    Through communication donors and young carers would find most appropriate to their wishes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £132,250

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      Amount Heading Description
      £17,900 Weekly Support Sessions Run 5 groups per week for young carers with transport & activities provided
      £13,300 Respite Provide quarterly day/residential respite breaks
      £87,400 Staff Costs Staff to provide group, one to one, training & respite support
      £13,650 Rent & Utilities To pay lease & utility costs of premises used for activities

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    BBC Children in Need £7,705 Guaranteed
    The Henry Smith Charity £13,400 Guaranteed
    NHS & Highland Council £38,068 Guaranteed
    Big Lottery £54,318 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The project is based on the Isle of Skye & Kyle of Lochalsh area in the Scottish Highlands. The main base is in the town of Portree and a satalite young carers group runs from the Red Cross Centre in Kyle of Lochalsh. The project covers the whole geographical area so that young carers living in isolated areas with limited or no transport facilities can access the service.


    There is no other young carer respite service in this area of population estimated at 12,950. At present 84% of all employment is administration in the primary & service sector, the remainder relies heavily on seasonal hospitality trade. The average income is estimated as 14% lower than the average in Scotland with 30% of full time workers earning less than £250 per week. Average house prices are the 2nd highest in Scotland with 42% of households experiencing fuel poverty.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been established since 2000 & have developed a strong national and local community reputation & support system. Young carers, their families & other services trust and value the service & its workers. The service is led by the young carers who are involved in the planning, implementation & evaluation of the service and its activities. We have staff & volunteers in place who are positive role models providing empathy, guidance and fun through their own life and caring experiences.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Marjory Jagger

    As Manager of the service since its set up in 2000 she has responsiblity for the staffing, planning, implementation and evaluation of work.

    Young Carers

    They will be involved in the planning & evaluation of all activities, as users of the service we see them as the expects who know what works for them

    Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Red Cross Service, Womens Aid, Education & Careers Services

    They will all contribute through raising awareness, providing training & support as appropriate for young carers & their families.

    Management Committee, Service Staff And Volunteers

    They bring a wealth of time, knowledge, committment & expertise to the project & its recipients during support group, drop-in & respite activities.

Feeling alone and out on a limb

Feeling alone and out on a limb


Will provide a local half day respite break

I'm like the moon, I'm not seen unless you look for me, I affect so many things but they often go unnoticed, I'm awake at night & outshone in the day.

Young Carer aged 10 years