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Project information

Staffordshire Community Foundation General Funds

With the Staffordshire Community Foundation General Funds, donations received will be split between the Foundations community funds, covering all areas of the county.

No matter which area you are in, your donation will be diverted to that area's fund.

The project will run forever

Charity information: Staffordshire Community Foundation

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  • Need


    Staffordshire has thousands of voluntary groups who help the many communities that they are based in. Whether it's a playgroup, a youth club, a luncheon club or just a social group for the elderly who might otherwise be isolated, they all do an invaluable amount of work for our county.

    Many of these groups run on little contribution from their service users. They have been set up to help those who cannot afford to use private services and so are unable to charge a huge fee.


    All donations are pooled together and invested to generate an income stream. This income is then split between the different areas of Staffordshire, dependent upon the amount of donations each area has received.

    Community and Voluntary groups, as well as locally based charities, can then apply to the Staffordshire Community Foundation for grants from their respective fund. Decisions will be made by a local panel, who will be aware of the many problems and difficulties facing the local area.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To create a permanent, sustainable source of funding. making groups less reliant on one off grants.


    » All donations will be invested to generate an income stream to help provide a permanent source of funding.

    What success will look like

    This funding is designed to ensure our third sector, (including our community and voluntary groups) continues to flourish, ensuring a thriving and vibrant third sector.

  • Impact


    The changes will be based on the front-line. Toddlers will have somewhere to go and socialise in safety, without the parents having to worry about where to find the money for private playgroups. The youth will have an organised place to be, reducing the need to hang around on street corners. Kids will have sports clubs and social groups to keep them busy and improve their skills. The elderly will have places to socialise to reduce their isolation.


    Many groups are reliant on funding from grants. lately the amount available to give as grants has been reduced dramatically. Unfortunately, it is these groups that provide many of the services we take for granted. This poses a threat to all community groups.
    The aim of this fund is to alleviate the need for dependency on these grants, creating a permanent grant source that will exist forever, even during public and private sector cutbacks.


    Any donor will have a right to view the Staffordshire Community Foundation's Annual Report, along with our accounts.
    Each donor, no matter how small, will be thanked, either by e-mail, telephone or letter.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500,000 Total cost To generate a sustainable source of grants funding.
  • Background


    Staffordshire is a county full of contradictions, from the wealthy south to the formerly industrial and generally deprived north.
    However, even in the south where money is less of an issue, there is still a great deal of isolation and lack of facilities due to it's largely rural nature.


    Everyone in Staffordshire can benefit from the groups that will receive funding. They don't restrict membership due to income and there are so many invaluable groups that everyone in the county can benefit in one way or another.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Staffordshire Community Foundation is a non political organisation, with no preferential ties to any one organisation. Our only aim is for the betterment of Staffordshire, its communities and its inhabitants.
    We regularly visit different areas within the county and so we can always get to see the people who need this funding most.

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    Staffordshire Community Foundation

    We will lead this project.