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Project information

Projet Protection des Gorilles

Since 1987, The Aspinall Foundation has been working with the govt of the Republic of Congo & the neighbouring state of Gabon to protect nearly one million acres of savannah with aim of protecting the critically endangered western lowland gorilla

Ongoing project with long term committment by the charity

Charity information: The Aspinall Foundation

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  • Need


    The western lowland gorilla is classed as critically endangered with numbers falling by 60% in the last 20-25 yrs. The main threats to this species are from the bush-meat trade, poaching and habitat destruction.


    These projects, named “Projet Protection des Gorilles”, (PPG) have worked with local partners and national governments to develop a three-pronged approach to stop the rapid decline of the western lowland gorilla. 1st by providing a safe sanctuary for confiscated gorillas where they can be rehabilitated with ultimate aim of reintroduction. 2nd through protection of the 1 million acres by funding park rangers to patrol. 3rd through education and awareness programmes in local communities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide long-term care and rehabilitation for orphaned gorillas confiscated by government officials


    » Reintroduction programme to re-establish viable gorilla populations within this area
    » Protection and restoration of wildlife and habitat in areas, as well as funding poacher patrol rangers
    » Education and awareness using gorilla orphans as ambassadors for their species. Providing employment for and purchasing food from local villages

    What success will look like

    Success will be the reintroduction of orphaned gorillas into established viable populations who produce offspring. Enforcement of local wildlife laws. Local awareness of gorillas

  • Impact


    Changes will be the increase in the population of western lowland gorillas, protection and management of habitats across release site totalling 1 million acres and successful enforcement of wildlife laws.
    Demonstrated by monitoring births in reintroduced groups, increase in other species types in range area, improvement in awareness in local communities of species improtance and arrest/prosecution of poachers


    Ongoing risk of the bush-meat trade, poachers and threat of ebola virus. Gorillas moving out of protected range areas.
    Regular tracking and monitoring of gorilla groups by project staff. Isolating 'wandering' gorillas into contained safe areas for long-term care. Funding ranger patrols who monitor poacher activity. Collaborative law enforchment programme PALF to strengten law enforcment with successful arrests recorded.


    A quarterly update in supporter newsletter WildCry. With personnel and tailored updates as required by funder.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £634,687

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      Amount Heading Description
      £97,195 office Congo&Gabon office inc utilities, outreach, admin, supplies, salaries
      £377,300 gorillas Congo&Gabon costs related to protecting gorillas inc food, monitoring, protection, salaries
      £72,996 maintenence & vehicles Congo&Gabon construction, maintenance, vehicles, project contingency
      £87,196 new camp new gorilla camp development in Gabon
  • Background


    Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon, Central Africa. The combined area of these two release sites covers nearly one million acres of land across the Bateke Plateau.


    Western lowland gorilla population.
    Local communities benefit directly from employment and, in Congo, from the revenue generated by the project staff purchasing fruit for captive gorillas from local weekly markets.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Aspinall Foundation is recognised as a key player in world conservation issues. Our projects in Africa are one of the most successful reintroduction projects of primates in the world with over 50 gorillas reintroduced and 17 births. The wild animal parks in kent hold the largest collection of western lowland gorillas in the world, with 130 births. We have successfully reintroduced 9 gorillas born in the Kent based parks to our project in Gabon.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Nicholas Bout - Gabon Project Director

    Responsibilites are project management, fixing technical problems, visiting field sites and gorilla groups, as well as joining anti-poaching patrols