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Water, food, trees & pencils for rural school

Rural School 862, Chaco, Argentina’s poorest province managed until it’s well dried. Without water they can't grow food to add to a high carb diet of 130 malnourished, underdeveloped primary pupils. A well enables water & fresh food for the whole community. Education materials will be effective

August 2014 - July 2016

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  • Need


    A rural, ancient primary school manages on a tiny government food budget, has one solar panel for electricity & no water since its well dried years ago. When they had water to drink, wash, clean & water their vegetable garden they were able to add fresh food to the high carb diet of pupils & the community. Now the children are malnourished & unable to develop mentally at a vital stage in their lives & continue to secondary education. Basic education materials will be beneficial to lively minds.


    A well giving a plentiful water supply to the school & community will enable recultivation of a vegetable garden & the children to have sufficient to eat to enable them to grow, develop & learn normally. Fruit trees aid with vitamins, reforrestation & CO2 absorbtion. Some children walk miles to school often barefoot & live at school, Mondays to Fridays with their teacher, they are exhausted & hungry on arrival. Water changes & develops a comunity & gives hope for its future & a secondary school

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To fund the provision of a secure water supply to a rural school in a barren area of N. Argentina


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    Finding a safe, prolific water supply near the school to enable the garden acre to be planted & surrounded by fruit & nut trees to encourage community participation & consolidation

    Aim 2

    Provide fruit trees around a garden acre watered by the well for shade, vitamins & CO2 absorption


    » Request Grant Funding from Funding Bodies, Rotary Clubs & other organisations
    » Request support from our membership via our newsletters, web site, blog pages and social networking sites
    » Send press Releases requesting public participation & donations. This project is part of the \"Earth is the Home we Share\" Campaign

    Providing & planting trees & vegetables in the currently barren area by the community giving children energy to learn & prevent the community draining to the poverty of the cities

    Aim 3

    To enable the planting of the now barren garden acre to supply nutricious food for growing children


    » On the advice of our consultant agronomist we will supplty the trees & seeds necessary in the area to help the acre to flourish & feed the children.

    Success will be healthier children able to grow & develop at a crucial stage of their lives & able to learn & go onto secondary education if the community can see the potential.

    Aim 4

    to return to when water was plentiful & the community worked together & encouraged education


    » Supply water, trees & seeds the community will do the rest as they did in the past, they are resourceful, but without water they are disheartened

    Seeing the community working together independantly watching their children grow & learn with hope encouraging them to build a secondary school in the area & develop the community

  • Impact


    Provision of water, & food will allow the long term healthy growth of currently undernourished children & allow them to learn & develop to be able to go onto secondary education rather than become impoverished llama farmers in the barren isolated mountain areas as are many of their parents who live without hope. The water & foods grown will also be available to help the local communities to thrive & encourage them to work & develop together as a community & build a secondary school in the area


    A risk will be that we are unable to find safe unpolluted water, but until we have funding to begin the research we can not know ? As there was a well before we feel it is highly likley that if drilling goes deeper water will be found as the old well was quite shallow. An expert who has worked with us before has visited the site & has high hopes of finding the water we need at a much greater depth.

    We have factored in sufficient funding for extra depthof drilling if necessary


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  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £7,150

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,500 deep well drilling providing water for a rural mountain school
      £1,350 APAER & CDUK administration travel & liaison
      £1,300 Education materials supplies for more than one year
      £1,000 Consultant agronomist who will supply suitable trees & seeds

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Rotary club of Shipston on Stour £300 Guaranteed
  • Background


    School No.862 is about 20 kilometers away from the nearest town of Machagai in the province of Chaco, Argentina. The area is rural, barren & poor, the population are scattered lllama farmers with a few families living near to the school who dig coal or make bricks. Malnutrition & poverty is serious & education scarce & desperetly underfunded. The people are often disenfranchised living in the poorest province of the country where without help many 100's are dying from malnutrition.


    The school serves 50 families, 35% Criolles & 65% Aborigenes of the Toba Tribe, who will all benefit from water & from the food & support shared as it is grown. Currrently moral is very low amongst the community but water will enable them to thrive & come together again, & will encourage parents to send their children to school again as the children are able to learn with developing minds & using education materials. The community may consider self building of a secondary schoolas hope grows.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Working with our local partners in Buenos Aires - APAER, CDUK have the experience & trusted contacts to be able to use publicly donated money wisely, by-passing other agencies in corupt countries where often much that is said will be done goes undone & money can disappear. Both organisations work with trained, experiened & dedicated professional volunteres.

    CDUK & APAER have worked sucessfully together on several projects in the recent past & hope with your help to do so again. See website.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ros Grant - Chairman Of Trustees - CDUK

    Executive administration & research of projects. Funding liaison with APAER the public & donors. Budget planning, & administration of project success

    Genoveva Barsanti - APAER Province Coordinator

    Main point of contact from APAER with CDUK. Provides researched schools in basic need for CDUK to consider that may fit into our mission statement.

    Juan Carlos - Agronomist

    Advises CDUK upon the most suitable & nutritious, trees, seeds & planting in specific areas . The terrain and geographical situations are varied

    Susana Ghezi - Database Co-Ordinator

    Maintains databases of schools, projects & Grant Making Trusts working with the Chairman to send out applications. Administration & translation.


provides education equipment for one child pa

"thank you CDUK & APAER for giving us water

Alicia - teacher