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Quay Steps

The overall aim of the project is to help young people develop emotional strength; self awareness and the skills to develop their potential and become positive members of the local community.

August 2010 - July 2013

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  • Need


    Many of the young people entering our and similar projects do not possess the independent living skills required to maintain accommodation, gain advice or make educated decisions about career or training. We see a significant amount of young people, referred to us and partner agencies who are unable to progress due to a lack of personal emotional intelligence, confidence and self awareness. These individuals form the majority of the not in education, employment or training NEET.


    By providing a roll-on/roll off flexible approach to accessing this help, activities and training and help the build the ability to sustain and maintain the commitments needed for work or training environments.

    This flexible approach in comfortable environments also ensures that those at work or college can still access personal development opportunities such as anger management.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Help clients improve life skills and independence


    » Cooking and Nutrition
    » Functional Skills: Maths, English and IT
    » Employability Skills
    » Financial Literacy

    Success will be the number of clients participating in activities, and / or achieving qualifications.

    Aim 2

    Clients will develop better psychological health & wellbeing


    » Life Coaching
    » Social Opportunities
    » Participation in other activities

    Success will be measured by feedback from clients, progress in 'Outcomes Star'.

    Aim 3

    Clients will have better awareness of Healthy Lifestyles including physical activity


    » Sports
    » Healthy Living Activities

    Success will be the number of clients participating in sports activities and attending healthy lifestyles events.

    Aim 4

    Develop better Community relationships


    » Social Activities
    » Independent Living Skills

    Success will be number of clients participating in independent living workshops and feedback on progress.

  • Impact


    It is hoped that the project will effect positive changes in the way young people are aware of themselves, others, the world around them and how they move within these. Confidence, ability to sustain and maintain their wellbeing and commitments, better communication skills, positive relationships and ways of dealing with issues and gain skills are all changes the project hopes to address long-term. Success will be through achievement of goals, progress in Outcomes Star and qualifications.


    Original funding from BIG Lottery and Raglan Housing Association (in kind) is secure for the lifetime of the project. However funding from these was for a percentage of staff wages and due to cuts in other areas the project staff are now at risk. We have made applications to a number of grant organisations and have been succesful with Lloyds TSB in securing a member of staff full-time and continue to fundraise for the remainder of Independent Living Skills Worker and Project Coordinator wages.


    Funders of this project will receive the steering committee minutes quarterly which reports on the project detailing the ongoing and forthcoming activities and work. This includes any necessary changes that have been made to the project plans and future considerations of sustainability.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £471,864

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      Amount Heading Description
      £238,978 Staff Project Coordinator, Independent Living Skills Worker, Community Learning Centre Worker, Admin
      £92,007 Other Staff Recruitment, Tutors:Sports,Functional skills, Personal Development
      £30,760 Counselling Provide counselling service
      £25,763 Training/Consultancy/Sundries Staff /Vol Training & Travel, Clients Tra, Catering, Room Hire, Conference/Subscriptions, Evaluation
      £48,608 Activities Costs/Capital Equip Taster Days, Cooking Ingredients, Equipment, Laptop, TV, PR, Stationary
      £35,748 Overheads Utilties:Telephone, Rent, Maintenance,Heat/Light/Insurance

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    BIG Lottery £311,019 Guaranteed
    Raglan Housing Association £35,748 Guaranteed
    Lloyds TSB £23,045 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Poole, Dorset is a harbour town that benefits from an ideal location close to the sea and countryside. It has a diverse demographic of individuals with a contrast of the extreme wealth of Sandbanks and surrounding districts and areas of poverty where the dependency culture is prevalant, with dysfunctional families, teenage pregnancy, and a drink and drug culture.


    Young people 16-25 years old in Poole and the surrounding areas. Many will have been homeless, NEET, offenders, substance misusers or have mental health issues. Many have chaotic lifestyles and are unable to establish and sustain positive and productive foundations personally and within the community often falling into persistent and enduring problems: poor mental health, long term unemployment and offending behaviour. Quay Steps will enable them opportunity to still participate around these.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Over the past 10 years we have been working with this client group enabling them to make the transition from dependence to independence. We are a medium sized community organisation that has built strong links with other community organisations as well as statutory and other groups over the years. We receive referrals from Connexions, Probation, GPs, Social Services, mental health, Youth Offending teams and other youth organisations that value the work we do.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Amanda Rocha-Community Learning Centre Project Coordinator

    Coordinates team, fundraises, networks. Manages delivery, implementation, monitoring of project. Runs personal development and other activities.

    Kira - Harvey-Independent Living Skills Worker

    Delivers cooking skills, healthy living and independent living skills. Works one-to-one with more vulnerable and/or learning disability clients.

    Nigel Short- Community Learning Centre Project Worker

    Supervises IT room, coordinates and runs sports activities as well as Photography, personal development and digital imaging workshops.


    Clients are involved in choosing activities and as the project progresses are given opportunities to organise workshops and activities.