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Sustainable Agricultural Training

Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty associated with low productivity subsistence farming. Provide training in sustainable farming methods that will allow communities to achieve better food security, improve nutrition and prevent land degradation as well as build resilience to climate shocks.


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  • Need


    More than 90% of people in Nkhata Bay North are subsistence farmers facing low income generating potential, frequent food insecurity and malnutrition. Shifting agricultural practices also cause deforestation and land degradation. These problems are worsened by the increasing occurrence of climate shocks, bringing severe episodes of drought and flooding to the region. In 2016 the region was hit by the worst climate induced food crisis in over 20 years, making this project more vital than ever.


    Training in sustainable farming techniques will enable farmers to grow a wider range of crops all year round as well as year on year without causing further land degradation and introducing a more nutritious stable diet. We will promote low-input soil and water conservation techniques, crop diversification and drought resistant crops. The project will also work to alleviate poverty through business training and the promotion of income generation from selling surplus produce in local markets.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improving the food security and nutrition of 1000 vulnerable families


    » Training 1000 farmers in low-input sustainable agriculture techniques allowing them to grow food all year round
    » Encourage the growing of varied crops and vegetables to allow for a balanced diet throughout the year

    Demonstrate that families can build resiliance to the annual hunger season by growing nutritious food all year round

    Aim 2

    Improving the poverty status of 1000 vulnerable families


    » Train 100 farmers in business management to enable successful income generation activities through the selling of surplus produce
    » Train 1000 farmers in seed saving and support them to set up co-operative seed banks that reduce their yearly seed buying burden
    » Provide initial seed allowances for farmers to allow them to successfully establish their improved growing plots

    Demonstrate how established self-sustaining farms allow farmers to better support their families and can provide access to markets

    Aim 3

    Reducing the spread of deforestation and land degradation in our project area


    » Training 1000 farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques to halt shifting cultivation practices and the resulting deforestation and soil erosion

    Demonstrate how farmers can remain on the same plot of land and act to improve its fertility year on year without the need of costly fertilisers

  • Impact


    The long term aim is to improve the livelihoods of all people living within the project area as well as the transfer of skills to surrounding areas. The indicators we will use to measure long term success include levels of secondary school enrolment (only primary school is free in Malawi), number of local markets selling produce (currently there are very few local markets in Nkhata Bay North), cases of recorded malnutrition at the local health centre, and rates of deforestation.


    • Unstable local climate causing reduced yields - mitigated through training in soil and water conservation techniques that reduce reliance on regular rainfall patterns
    • Increased pest occurrence causing reduced yields - tackled through training in integrated pest management
    • Farmers not adopting new techniques - effectiveness of techniques is demonstrated in our own demonstration garden and farmers are provided with ongoing support from our trained field facilitators


    • Six monthly reports will be provided for the duration of the project
    • Regular articles documenting progress will be posted on our website
    • Photos and short updates will be provided regularly

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Training Activities 100 training session for beneficiary farmers (20 farmers per session / 2 sessions each)
      £5,000 Seed Allowances Providing initial seed allowances to 1000 farmers
      £3,000 Back up support Employing 5 field facilitators to provide ongoing back-up support to farmers
      £1,000 Monitoring & Evaluation M&E exercises every 6 months
      £1,000 Contingency Fund To allow for fluctuations in commodity prices and unforeseen circumstances
  • Background


    Nkhata Bay North is located along the shore of Lake Malawi in the north of the country. The district consists of 80 villages and approximately 28,000 people. The entire area is deeply affected by the HIV & AIDS epidemic with higher than average prevalence rates and many families facing the burden of sick or orphaned dependants. Much of the district is extremely remote and can only be accessed by boat for half of the year due to the condition of the single access road during the wet season


    The majority of the population in the region will benefit through the multiplier effects of the improved food security, nutrition and reduced poverty of the 6000 target group (1000 farmers and their families). These will include the spread of increased local wealth, reduced burden on local health centre, improved levels of education and the increased availability of fresh vegetables. The local environment will also begin regenerating which will ultimately benefit all.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Temwa is the only NGO working in Nkhata Bay North and we have worked there for the last 12 years. The expertise of our large almost entirely local staff and relationship with the local community allow us to work in strong partnership with them and achieve these goals. Our management team is highly experienced and contains more than sufficient expertise to ensure the success of this project.

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    Tonderai Manoto

    Programme Manager - Tonderai has over 3 decades of experience and provides the expertise and vision to manage and oversee Temwa on the ground

    Nyambe Luhila

    Project Manager - Nyambe manages projects in the field and has extensive experience in community forestry and sustainable agriculture

    Benson Chiumia

    Senior Project Assistant - Benson is the central project assistant for our agriculture programmes and provides most of the training and monitoring

A training session for beneficiary farmers

A training session for beneficiary farmers

Many community members were convinced that most fruits and vegetables could not do well here. Through Temwa's projects, people's minds are changing.

Joseph Chango Nkhata