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ACE (Attitude Creates Employability)

Our unique training empowers people with soft-skills highly valued by employers. We tackle issues like attitude, communication and motivation by challenging behavioural and cultural barriers to employment. We provide the tools and knowledge to gain life changing career opportunities.

It is an on-going project

Charity information: Making The Leap

Making The Leap
  • Need


    Unemployment is implicated in a host of major social issues, such as drug abuse and a related higher crime rate, increased mental health issues, higher suicide rates, social exclusion and childhood poverty. We are aware of the need for our comprehensive services because we carry on continuous research with unemployed people from the most deprived areas in London, allowing us to ensure our services are relevant and target the current barriers our clients face when attempting to find employment.


    ACE is a new programme that, using employment as the vehicle, tackles some of the underlying reasons behind people being unable to find and keep work. We empower people with the all important 'soft skills' which are highly valued by employers. We also tackle issues such as attitude, communication skills and motivation, by challenging behavioural and cultural barriers to employment sometimes held by our target group. We give clients the tools and knowledge needed to gain and sustain employment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase levels of self esteem and confidence in client group.


    » Deliver a full time, 2 week empowerment workshop each month to support clients and build up their levels of confidence.
    » Offer counselling to address any underlying issues clients may have, which are acting as barriers to their ongoing development.

    Success will be having at least 60% of the people starting the ACE workshop complete it.

    Aim 2

    Enable clients to overcome cultural and/or behavioural barriers.


    » Clients will receive individualised support and guidance from a series of one-to-one sessions (as many as they may require) to overcome their barriers

    Seen a change in our candidates behaviour and attitudes towards business environment

    Aim 3

    To develop and improve employability skills.


    » Offer free IT and numeracy training.
    » Provide extended job preparation surgeries to aid clients cover letters, CVs, application forms, mock interviews, etc. for their job search.
    » To provide significant sign posting to ensure clients receive as much support as they may need in improving their chances of attaining employment.

    Success will be candidates realising their weaker points and taking action to improve on them, thus strengthening their opportunities to move into work.

    Aim 4

    To increase work experience opportunities.


    » Proactively secure work related opportunities for our client group (to help kick start their journey into a successful career).

    Success will be securing a range of at least 50 work-related career opportunities per year.

  • Impact


    Long-term we expect our candidates to see an increase in social mobility and be able to find and sustain career opportunities, thus becoming economically independent and pulling themselves and their families out of poverty.


    External issues such as the economic crisis thatm eant a higher unemployment index can affect our results. We have tried to reduce this risk by proactively securing opportunities directly with a range of employers.
    In this way, our clients are able to secure a work-related opportunity that will strengthen their CV, as well as offer them the possibility to acquire some fo the specialist skills they will need to successfully move into work.


    We will produce an annual report to update the donors on the work that has been accomplished during the year.
    Additionally important news of the organisation will be posted on our website (newsroom section).
    Should donors require additional information, we would be able to supply them with it.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £466,200

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      Amount Heading Description
      £431,750 Salaries Salaries of all the staff involved in the delivery of the services
      £34,450 Administrative costs Includes the cost of our premises and all the materials required for our clients

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Big Lottery Fund £180,000 Guaranteed
    Trust for London £25,000 Guaranteed
    The Goldsmiths’ Charitable Company £3,000 Guaranteed
    29th May 1961 Trust £10,000 Guaranteed
    The Coutts Charitable Trust £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Our project is based and delivered at Making the LEAP's training and office facility in Kensal Green, North West London, but is a pan-London project since we proactively engage members of disadvantaged communities London-wide through our Outreach team, particularly in boroughs with high levels of deprivation.


    Our primary beneficiaries are young people from socio economically disadvantaged communities in London. These groups are susceptible to living in the most deprived parts of London and facing unemployment; they disproportionately suffer the disadvantage and negative effects of poverty and so are a crucial group to target.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Due to our reputation for consistent quality and effectiveness, we have designed and delivered employment related training programmes for third sector organisations in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    We also gained significant recognition from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills for the effectiveness of our programme when in 2009 LEAP was featured prominently in The Employability Challenge report, as an example of good practice.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Eugene Blavo

    Operations Director of Making The Leap