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ACE (Aspirations, Careers, Employability)

ACE - our careers and self-development project for young people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds aged 18-25. We raise their aspirations; develop their key skills and provide practical support to help them to progress forwards into exciting roles offering career progression.

It is an on-going project

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  • Need


    In this country parental income is the biggest factor in how well a child will do in life. This means that bright children from poor backgrounds, do not have the chances they deserve.

    In the UK, poor pupils are more than twice as likely to become NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) as wealthier pupils.

    We believe that there should be opportunities available for all children and young people, so they can become all that their talent and hard work will allow them to be.


    We raise young people’s aspirations; equip them with the vital character and employability skills required to succeed in the world of work and in life. These skills and the confidence they breed will help them throughout their lives.
    We support young people to progress forwards into employment and further education. We focus on providing them with access to roles at top companies with career prospects; the types of opportunities they otherwise would not have access to.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    For young people to feel an improvement in their: aspirations; attitude; confidence and motivation.


    » To deliver our full time, 3 week self-development group workshop each month to support our young people to develop their essential skills.
    » To provide customised follow up support after the workshop to meet the needs of each young person and help them acheive realistic steps forward.

    What success will look like

    For 85% of the young people who attend our project to have felt an improvement in these areas.

    Aim 2

    For young people to progress forwards into meaningful employment as well as further education.


    » Through our partnerships we will offer our young people with access to exciting job opportunities with top companies in various sectors.
    » To provide our young people with the practical job readiness support to secure these roles.

    What success will look like

    For 65% of the young people who attend our project to progress forwards into an opportunity.

  • Impact


    We believe that the impact of the support our young people will receive, will improve their career prospects and as a result, improve their sense of well-being, contribution to society as well as economic independence.


    External issues such as changes in the economy can affect our results. We have tried to reduce this risk by proactively devleoping parnterships with a range of companies in a variety of sectors.

    Through our robust evaluation processes and strong working relationships with the companies we partner with, we ensure that we offer a relevant and beneficial service that equips our young people with the skillset required to compete in the modern job market.


    We will produce formal reports to update donors on our work during the project. We will also send success stories and other activity updates at key intervals.
    Donors will be able to visit us to see our work in action and meet beneficaries.
    We can provide additional information if required.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £466,200

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      Amount Heading Description
      £431,750 Salaries Salaries of all the staff involved in the delivery of the services
      £34,450 Administrative costs Includes the cost of our premises and all the materials required for our clients

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Big Lottery Fund £180,000 Guaranteed
    Trust for London £25,000 Guaranteed
    The Goldsmiths’ Charitable Company £3,000 Guaranteed
    29th May 1961 Trust £10,000 Guaranteed
    The Coutts Charitable Trust £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Our project is based and delivered at our purpose built centre in Kensal Green. We engage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, London-wide through our Engagement team, particularly in boroughs and areas with high levels of deprivation.


    We support young people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds in London, who due to the economic circumstances of their families, are experiencing disadvantage through poor housing, lack of family stability and little or no money for essentials such as food and travel. This includes young people who live in social housing, those who were eligible for free school meals, those who have experienced homelessness and have grown up in families with parents who are unemployed.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As a result of our 24 years’ experience, we are skilled at delivering life changing projects for young people. Since 2011 we have supported over 30,000 schoolchildren and young people across London. Currently, 70% of our young people progress forwards into employment or further education within 6 months. We have a passionate and experienced team of 14 staff and over 200 enthusiastic volunteers.

    ‘Making The Leap have given me so much support. My new role is nothing short of amazing!’ Eyewumi

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    Eugene Blavo

    Operations Director