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WellChild Children's Nurses

WellChild Children’s Nurses provide a lifeline to families struggling to cope with caring for a seriously ill child. Our aim is for every ill child with a serious illness or complex care needs, to have access to a WellChild Children’s nurse and to be cared for at home if at all possible.

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  • Need


    Medical advances mean that more children are surviving what would have previously been terminal illnesses, injuries or impairments. But survival does not always mean cure. There are over 100,000 children in England with complex care needs. These children will never get better and need constant care. Without the right support to coordinate their ongoing care, they face the prospect of long periods in hospital –missing out on their basic rights to attend school and live at home with their family.


    Our WellChild Children’s Nurses provide the specialist nursing care and support that these families so desperately need. Our Nurses are highly qualified paediatric nurses who care for children with a wide range of conditions. With their support, families feel better able to cope, enabling more children to live at home, where it is known they do better, and freeing up hospital beds for other patients.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    For every child with a serious or long term illness to have access to a WellChild Children's Nurse


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    Success will be... when all seriously ill children are living in the comfort of their own homes, with the right care in place to limit frequent re-admissions to hospital.

  • Impact


    There will be less children living on hospital wards unnecessarily. These children will be able to be part of their community, attend school and be part of their family. This will free up hospital beds for other patients and save money – which can be reinvested in improving healthcare for all. Parents are less exhausted as they no longer have to make constant trips to the hospital, they have support in place to give them the practical advice and emotional support.


    Each nurse is funded by WellChild and employed by the local health authority. We maintain a close relationship with each health authority where our nurses are based. This enables us to monitor the work of the nurse. All WellChild Nurses are qualified and experienced paediatric nurses who have been CRB checked.


    We will send regular updates about our work.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £55,420

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      Amount Heading Description
      £47,520 Salary Includes National Insurance and Pension. This post requires an experienced nurse
      £2,900 Training &Travel Much of the nurses time is spent visiting families in the community
      £5,000 Management & monitoring The cost to WellChild to recruit, monitor and manage this post
  • Background


    So far we have established WellChild Children's Nurses in Barrow-in-Furness, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Tower Hamlets, Oxford, Hywel Dda, Arran and Ayrshire, Kirklees and Southampton. This year we are hoping to establish further posts in Eastbourne and London.


    Seriously ill children who are living with complex care needs and their families.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    In 2006, following a period of research and consultation, WellChild indentified a serious gap in the care of children with serious and long term complex health conditions. This led to the creation of the WellChild Nurses Programme, which is recognised by experts in the field of paediatric medicine as a highly effective model of care; bringing expertise and vital support to children and families, and to the hospitals and community nursing teams – and giving immediate results.

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    Linda Partridge - Director Of Programmes

    Linda oversees the recruitment of our nurses. Linda's background as a senior nurse underpins the success of this programme

WellChild Nurse Elaine with Lily and her mother

WellChild Nurse Elaine with Lily and her mother


Pays for a nurse for one hour

“WellChild Nurse Jane has been a saviour in really dark times. She is so brilliant because she listens and gets things done”

Olivia, mother of Poppy who was born with congenital heart disease and club hands, and has to be fed through a tube as she is unable to swallow.