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Education materials for 5 rural schools in Chaco

Provide basic educational materials for primary schools for 1 year at 5 rural schools in one of the poorest provinces of N. Argentina, Chaco, where they often share one pencil
Including school 162, where CDUK recently provided a well, the teacher had the choice each week of buying food or water.

January 2014 - May 2016

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  • Need


    The almost total lack of basic educational materials to teach primary school children living in the barren areas of the poorest provinces of N. Argentina . To support dedicated teachers & their pupils who walk many miles over dangerous rivers and mountains on mondays to sleep - sometimes on floors without blankets, to school until Friday to get an education which will change their lives from the abject poverty of their parents - mainly llama farmers living subsistance lives in isolated areas.


    It will reduce the enormous stress levels of the teachers to be able to have sufficient materials to be able to do their job better & with some hope & give more time to teach their pupils.
    It will mean greater time for the students to learn as currently they even have to share one pencil. By providing the basic equipement necessary for each child it will give them a sense of pride in their work and an incentive to learn, they will also have a map to share and paper , crayons & exercise books.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    to raise money to be able to supply educational materials to 5 rural primary schools for 1 year.


    » Informing our existing supporters by annually posted newsletter & by frequent updates on our website & to our website members as necessary
    » Currently running a Facebook Advertising Campaign & in the process of creating a Word Press Blog site to inform & generate new supporters and donors
    » By making applications to new Grant Making Trusts as well as those who have supported us in the past. Also to Rotary Clubs and other organisations
    » Sending regular press releases to supportive Regional Media who wish to be kept informed of this years campaign \"Earth is the Home we Share\"

    Success will be demonstrated by the number of school packs we are able to send to at least 5 schools Greater success will be that we are able to supply other schools in the area

  • Impact


    Children will be motivated to learn & find it easier to do so. Having their own materials encourages greater creativity & pride in their work to show their parents. Parents in surrounding areas will be more inclined to send their children to school & participate & the teachers will have a greater capacity to be able to teach more effectively. Parents will be motivated to ask for secondary education in the area which does not currently exist. Teacher swill be more relaxed & fulfilled.


    Theft of the packs from the school.

    The packs will be kept in locked metal cabinets inside the school


    Every donor is an individual, they are asked how they wish to be kept informed & added to our database if they wish. Database members automatically recieve newsletters & are informed of all our campaigns. The website is constantly updated.
    Reports & accounts can be sent on request.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £2,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,500 educational materials supplies for 1 years to 5 primary school.
      £170 APAER delivery & distribution
      £170 CDUK administration
      £160 new pupils expected due to success
  • Background


    EG. School No. 162 is in the abandoned countryside about 10 kms from Saenz Pena an important city in the northern province of Chaco 200kms from Resestencia its capital city.
    The school was founded in 1929 and is almost in ruins, it has no toilets only 3 latrines. CDUK have recently provided the school with a well for fresh water as they previously had to pay for water & had therefore insufficient funds to pay for food as well from the provincial daily budget of £2.80 Ar pesos per child (£0.50)


    The parents are usually peasant farmers, living off their flocks & small government support. The 32 children that attend school are from 11 families. Most of the houses are adobe, many children have only one parent or grandparent & several are orphans. They walk many miles to school often barefoot. they are malnourished & oftern have to repeat their grades
    CDUK & APAER believe the whole local society benefits especially if we can encourage the parents to build of a secondary schools

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    CDUK have been working in South America since 2003 & are experienced in working in countries full of corruption giving direct delivery. For the past 2 years we have teamed up on some projects with APAER - a charity set up to help rural school children 25 years ago with many contacts and much experience run mainly by professional volunteers. Many of our aims & objectives are similar, but CDUK are stronger on the environmental aspects and sustainable development side of projects

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ros Grant ,Chairman Of Trustees, CDUK, Volunteer

    Administers CDUK & deals with all aspects of management, PR, budgets, funding & project research & development

    Genoveva Barsanti, Province Projet Leader, APAER, Volunteer

    Liaison with CDUK on all aspects of current & future project suitability & development, putting us in touch with their trusted contacts & resources

    Leandro Ghezzi, CDUK Volunteer

    translation facilities when required

    Susana Ghezi - No Relation To Above. CDUK Database Coordinator, Volunteer

    Maintains the CDUK Grant Making Trusts database so that CDUK are able to target suitable organisation & assists with applications & administration

some one sent some clothes for us

some one sent some clothes for us

Thank you for making our dreams come true & giving us water

Teacher school 162 Chaco