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Learning Camps to improve reading & maths skills

Running an intensive coaching programme to significantly improve the reading skills of children between 6-14 years, leading to a reduction in the school drop out rate and ultimately leading to community awareness of the importance of education.

3 years

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  • Need


    Despite considerable improvement in school enrolment rates (more than 96% at the last estimate) a vast proportion of India’s school-going children continue to be unable to undertake age/grade specific reading, writing & arithmetic tasks. ASER reports reveal that over 50% of children in Grade V still cannot read a Grade II text & 62% cannot do basic arithmetic. There is urgent need to consolidate gains made in enrolling children into the school system & improving the quality of education.


    Learning camps are part of Read India which is Pratham’s flagship programme which mobilizes and trains local volunteers & government teachers in accelerated learning techniques and designed to improve the reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills of children. By providing Learning Camps to underachieving children across the country, Pratham aims to raise the level of literacy of all children in India and lower drop-out rates.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Significantly improving the learning levels of all children (aprox 2000) within a selected area


    » Train local volunteers & teachers in CAMaL methods of teaching and provide classes to children based on the learning level in the individual district
    » Hold daily classes with children after school and at weekends, while also providing support to teachers in class
    » Provide a resource centre in every village where children can borrow books and additional learning material which will help them in their studies
    » Involve parents and communities in assessment to increase the accountability of schools and teachers

    What success will look like

    Success will be every child moving one learning level higher within one year of the program & reaching their age specific level by the end of the three year program.

    Aim 2

    Reduce the dropout rate of children from school


    » Engage children in more active learning techniques & help them reach their appropriate learning level - increase their confidence to stay in school
    » Involve the community, in particular mothers in their children's learning, helping them with their homework & reading

    What success will look like

    Success will be reducing the number of children dropping out of school each year by 50% & mainstreaming children in the villages who have dropped out back into school

    Aim 3

    Lengthen the commitment of volunteers to the project through the incentive of digital literacy


    » Provide volunteers with digital literacy classes & use of laptops for the 3 year duration allowing them to develop their IT skills
    » Provide English classes to all volunteers through a Pratham sourced teacher during the 2nd & 3rd year of the programme

    What success will look like

    Success will be less than 10% of volunteers leaving the project throughout the 3 years & and increase in interest in becoming a volunteer due to the additional programmes provided

  • Impact


    Long-term focused attention on the standard of education will lead to an increase in the literacy, numeracy & comprehension levels of all children between the ages of 6-14 in the district. School enrolment & retention is hoped to increase as the program aims to bring about a change in attitudes towards schooling within the community, inspiring families in the value of education. Success will be measured though testing children’s literacy pre & post programme & measuring the dropout rate.


    There is a risk that local volunteer teachers may not commit to the program for the full 3years. To address this issue we have developed a partner programme, Education for Education (EFE) that will provide all volunteers with sough-after certified IT & English classes, thereby increasing the chance of commitment to the program.


    Funders of this program will receive an annual report detailing the status of the programme, achievements & problems faced. Any necessary changes to the program will be explained.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £54,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £11,800 Learning Camp prsoneel Salary for x5 full-time personnel over 3 years
      £6,900 Volunteer training Cost of training 200 local volunteers in CAMaL methodology & cost of training mateirals
      £4,300 Teaching & Learning Materials Teaching resources, books, stationary, learning aids
      £6,070 Office/Centre running costs Rent/bills for the block resource & EFE Centre over 3 years
      £4,680 Admin & program support costs Ad-hoc admin costs, Additional support to teachers & students, material & resources
      £10,000 Laptops for EFE IT classes Total of x20 laptops to be purchased over 2 years for basic IT training
      £10,250 EFE Personnel Salary for x5 IT teacher over 3 years & salary for x5 English teacher over 2 year
  • Background


    Pratham’s Read India programs are currently active in 21 out of 29 states in the country, in both rural & urban areas. Learning Camps are set up in a selected block in the most educationally underachieving districts of each state. Many of the camps are located in extremely rural areas. While government schools are well distributed across rural India, school resources and the number of qualified teachers often do not meet the need leading to poor learning outcomes.


    The Learning Cam will directly benefit approximately 2000 children over 3 years by helping them increase their literacy & reach their age appropriate learning level. The EFE will give 200 village volunteers, mostly young adults the chance of learning IT & English skills. The wider community will benefit as the program will create awareness about the importance of quality education leading to long-term improvement of life chances.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Pratham is the largest non-profit organisation working in the primary education sector in India. Since starting out working with children in the slums of Mumbai in 1994, we have expanded our mission to help educate all children across India with our effective learning methods & have so far reached children in over 300,000 villages & 30 cities. Our techniques of recruiting and training local volunteers means our programs encourage community participation making them sustainable for the future.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Block Coordinator x5

    Responsible for overseeing the learning camps in 20 villages each, mobilizing village volunteers and training them.

    Community Volunteers x200

    In pairs, teaching groups of 20-25 children daily, using the Pratham accelerated learning methodology. Conducting pre & post programme assessments

    EFE IT Teacher x5

    Conducting basic IT training classes with groups of community volunteers for the 3 year duration of the programme.

    EFE English Teachers x5

    Conducting basic English classes with groups of community volunteers on a daily basis for a period of 4-5 for 2nd & 3rd years of the programme.


all it takes to educate a child for 1 year!

Of the 26 million Indian children who enter first grade each year, half reach fifth grade being unable to read and write

Teacher at the Pratham Learning Camp