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ChildWatch Thailand

The trafficking and exploitation of children is a serious and complex problem across South East Asia. In this remote area Hands works for the protection of children at risk. We want to create a ChildWatch network across the region, using trained volunteers to combat child trafficking.

September 2011 - September 2014

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  • Need


    In Thailand, trafficking is a THB 500 billion annual business, which is 50% - 60% of the government's annual budget and more lucrative than the drug trade. The traffick of Thai and other nationals consists mostly of 12-16 year old girls from the hill tribes of northern Thailand. Most of the trafficked girls are sent to closed brothels, which operate under prison-like conditions. Thailand is becoming a center for human trafficking, sending young women and children to Europe and the Middle East.


    Our volunteers will provide information to a team of child rescuers and local police and government officials and NGO's about who has been approached, who has been taken and where and also information on the traffickers themselves. A pilot phase of the project, conducted in 36 villages over a period of 12 months, led to the successful intervention in the lives of 13 children, 7 of whom were rescued from child traffickers. We now want to expand this project across the region.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To train Extension Workers to be trainers of ChildWatch volunteers across this region of Thailand.


    » Recruit, employ and train 6 extension workers to work as trainers.
    » Establish 6 new ChildWatch sectors across the Golden Triangle region of Thailand.
    » The Extension Workers will recruit 750 volunteers from within the villages in the 6 ChildWatch sectors.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Placing the Extension Workers into 6 new ChildWatch regions taken from 150 villages, each of around 100-150 households, with 4-8 children in each household.

    Aim 2

    To increase literacy, vocational and communication skills for the 750 ChildWatch volunteers.


    » 750 ChildWatch volunteers attending bi-monthly training sessions over 3 years. Training will be run by NGO's specialising in child rescue.
    » Extension Workers will conduct training sessions in the volunteers own villages and monitor the progress of the training.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Establishment of the ChildWatch network and the volunteers from each community becoming self sufficient and themselves become trainers to other volunteers.

    Aim 3

    750 ChildWatch volunteers using their improved skills to combat child abduction and trafficking.


    » Volunteers will create sector maps, monitoring and reporting on areas of trafficking activity. They will keep photographic records of traffickers.
    » Volunteers will liaise with community leaders, local police and government and NGO's, including Hands. They will pass on reports and information.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Information on vulnerable families passed to local Thai welfare agencies and NGO’s. Information on traffickers passed to Thai police and local government.

  • Impact


    The ChildWatch volunteers will become involved in other, diverse aspects of their communities and may be able to facilitate access into the communities where previously this was not forthcoming, especially in other areas such as literacy building, community health and development and emergency relief. Each of the extension workers will provide a monthly report, which will be collected by the project manager, sourced from the volunteers within their sectors.


    One major concern was the successful management of personnel and information across a large and very isolated region. Hands will appoint a project manager who will be responsible for overseeing the project. The manager will work alongside the extension workers providing support and liaise between them, the volunteers, Hands and other NGO's. The manager will also work as a facilitator for the on-going recruitment and training of the volunteers.


    Each of the extension workers will provide a monthly report, sourced from the volunteers within their sectors, which will be collected by the project manager. Yearly progress reports will be collated and used as a means of returning information to participating organisations and the donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,190

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,750 Transport Purchase of 6 motorbikes for extension workers
      £22,140 Salaries Salaries for extension workers (over 3 years)
      £6,000 Training Trainers fees (over 3 years)
      £7,500 Salary Project Manager's salary (over 3 years)
      £3,600 Materials Training materials for volunteers
      £3,750 Travel Petrol allowance and travel for workers and volunteers
      £3,450 Subsistence Food and accommodation for training days
  • Background


    The region of northern Thailand where the project is based is extremely mountainous and isolated. Villages are built onto the sides of mountains, which are farmed for rice and other cash crops. Roads are rare and often impassable for months at a time. Due to its proximity to the Burmese border and because of a lack of any real boundary lines, the area is prone to a great deal of illegal trade and traffic in drugs, slaves and weapons.


    The region is mostly populated by the Akha hill tribe, although there are a number of Lahu and Shan people groups also. The communities in the region live in villages of between 100 and 150 households scattered across mountains and hills. They work as subsistence tenant farmers, are mostly illiterate and living in extreme poverty.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Hands has been actively involved in the prevention of child trafficking and the rescue of children for over 10 years. We are also involved in the provision of safe hostels, with access to rehabilitation, counseling, medical care and basic education. The hostels are a home to those at greatest risk from exploitation and trafficking, providing a safe haven in the local community, manned and run by local people. We oversee two hostels, one for 60 girls and one for 20 boys.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rebecca Summers

    Rebecca is our National Director. She has over 10 years of experience of working in Thailand with refugees, impoverished people and children at risk.

    Narong Archang

    Narong is our Project Manager. He is an Akha man whose father is a child rescuer. Narong has worked with Hands for 4 years overseeing our hostels.

    James Etheridge

    James works as our Child Sponsorship coordinator and will work alongside Narong to implement the ChildWatch project. He is married to an Akha girl.