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Umeed Partnership School Development

The Umeed Middle School in Minority Community DB52 (Bahawalpur) was established in 2008. It has 95 pupils from the Hindu and Muslim communities. Two new classrooms are urgently required, plus electrical power, flush latrines for the pupils, a water supply, classroom furniture and teaching materials.

Six months

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  • Need


    The UP is aiming to provide basic education in this desert region where most children have no education and are effectively illiterate. It will give opportunities for the poorest in Pakistan, where unemployment is the norm. A mixed-faith school will also bring reconciliation to the Hindu & Muslim communities and will provide a resource for the entire community.

    An earlier project in a similar community has proved to be highly successful in achieving these aims.


    Most young people of this region are unemployed and have no future without education. Attendance at this school will give young people a sense of purpose and of belonging in addition to making them marketable in employment terms, It will also provide a focus for community events, thus bringing both faith communities together. The school will be developed to provide modern facilities that the pupils and the wider community can identify with and be proud of.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To improve the availability of education for girls & boys and families of both faith communities.


    » Increasing the size of the school through erection of two new classrooms, with furniture and teaching materials.
    » Providing essential services: Electricity, sanitation & a potable water supply.
    » Improving security through the erection of wall and gates.
    » Completion of a pathway to the and a stage for school & community events to ease access to the school facilities.

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated by the increased capacity for students at the school, and the number of registered pupils attending.

    Aim 2

    To improve the standard of education for girls & boys of both faith communities.


    » Teachers are trained as part of the project to provide a high standard of instruction.
    » Provide materials and equipment for learning.

    What success will look like

    Recognition by the Provincial Department of Education. An increased demand for places at the school by families from both faith communities.

    Aim 3

    To provide a focus for community events in a mixed-faith environment.


    » Make the school buildings, stage & resources available to the community outside of school hours. These activities will be managed by the School Board.

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured by the use of the School for community functions such as awareness-raising programmes for the Polio Eradication Scheme by Rotary International.

  • Impact


    Umeed Partnership is a multi-faith organisation. In the long-term (5-10 years) it is anticipated that young people from both faith communities in the region (Hindu & Muslim) will increasingly respect one another's religion, culture and traditions, while at the same time using their education for the benefit of their families and community.

    Without access to the education we provide, the majority of the children in the community would remain illiterate and innumerate.


    The School is located between communities and is at risk of intrusion by Dacoits. The teachers are female which increases their vulnerability. The addition of high walls and secure gates is enough to eliminate the risk.
    Girls may be barred from attending school by their family members as female education is not valued. This can be discouraged by communicating with community leaders and such communication has been entirely successful in a similar school in the same region.


    Donors will be informed of progress in this project by regular and frequent contact with the Umeed Partnership Project Co-ordinator.

    A member of the UP(UK) Executive Committee visits the Project annually to ensure that funds are being applied in line with the Mission Statement of the charity.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £19,033

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,092 Security Security wall & steel gates around one acre
      £2,273 Buildings construction 2 classrooms & office
      £3,183 Utilities Flushing latrines; septic tank; electricity supply; water supply
      £1,820 Furniture Desks & benches; computer & office tables;
      £1,252 Stationery,books & uniforms Text books;exercise books; stationery;registers; diaries; uniforms for 150 children
      £1,934 IT equipment Computers; printers; sound system; video equipment
      £1,137 Pathway & stage For School assembly and performances
      £3,342 Salaries & honoraria For 4 teachers & 3 support staff for 1 year
  • Background


    The School is located in Minority Community 52 in the Cholistan Desert region of southern Punjab. It is mid-way between Bahawalpur and Yazman cities (one hour to each) and has no education provision whatsoever.The community has Hindu & Muslim sectors. Unemployment is high. Work is unskilled and seasonal in the agricultural sector - mainly cotton-picking. Services are scarce; electricity has recently been brought to the community; sanitation is feeble; the water is often polluted.


    There are no educational facilities within daily walking distance (few families have motorised transport or even cycles) and so both Hindu & Muslim sectors of Minority Community DB52 will benefit equally. Individuals will benefit, but so also will their families & the whole community. The community leaders (almost entirely men) are happy for their daughters & wives to engage in the Umeed school activities as this is the only way for illiterate children & young women to have any opportunities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Umeed Partnership has a proven track record over 10 years of providing education & vocational training to women and children of all faiths and cultures in response to demand at the grass-roots level. We have made a conscious decision to minimise administrative infrastructure in both Wales and Pakistan, thus releasing funds for core UP activities. The Umeed Partnership has never failed to deliver on a promise, subject to adequate funding being available.

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    Mr Yousuf Jalal Gill

    Project Co-ordinator. The Project was his inspiration after his graduation with an MA degree in Development Education in 2001. He is self-motivated.

    Ado Ra'an

    Supervisor for the Project in the Cholistan region. He reports to the Project Co-ordinator, but for geographical reasons works on his own initiative.

    Miss Shazia

    Head Teacher of the existing School who works in close liaison with the Supervisor (above).

    Mrs Shamin Gulzar

    Schools Supervisor (to be ratified in June). A graduate and qualified teacher, based in Lahore who visits the Project regularly