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Building Fund for a New Home for Street Boys

We run a highly successful centre for street children & orphans in Rwanda but one of our largest costs is rent which is not very sustainable or stable for the children. Building our own property would save us costs & enable us to have a purpose built centre which more adequately meets their needs

September 2012 - October 2015

Charity information: Ubaka U Rwanda

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  • Need


    There are thousands of children and young people in Rwanda driven to the streets by rural poverty, family abuse and the secondary effects of the 1994 genocide. There are no social services to help them, and the local area has the highest number of street children due to the drug culture, nightlife and prostitution, opening them up to further exploitation. We directly combat this through providing housing and other basic needs as well as access to education to make them self-sustaining.


    We founded a centre in 2008 that provides a desperately needed home for street children and young people. The centre meets their basic needs by providing shelter, formal education, food, medical costs and guidance. We also work to reconcile children with their families where possible and so far we have helped 28 return home. Access to secondary/technical schools creates employment opportunities previously unavailable to this population and therefore removes them from the streets permanently.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To raise enough money to purchase land to build a new centre for the street children


    » We have already achieved this aim through fundraising through individuals, events and grant applications

    Success has already been achieved for this stage.

    Aim 2

    Purchase land


    » Follow the procedures in Rwanda for purchasing land

    Success will be when we have finished to purchase the land and the deeds are issued in the name of our organisation.

    Aim 3

    Raise funds for building of new centre


    » Fundraising through events, individuals and grant applications

    Success will be when we have secured enough funding to build a purpose-built home for the street boys.

    Aim 4

    Build the new centre


    » Create building plans and submit to relevant government office to obtain building permit (One Stop Centre)
    » Purchase materials and obtain contractors/builders
    » Build the centre

    Success will be having purpose built housing for the street boys with enough space for them to play inside and out, to study and to sleep comfortably.

  • Impact


    Owning our own centre will ensure the longevity of the project as it will remove and decrease our two biggest costs; rent and food, as we will be able to farm some of our food and will own the property. It will also provide better security for the children as the centre will belong to the project and not a landlord, so there is no risk of losing our home. Having a purpose built centre will improve our spacing problems as well as creating an outdoor play area, impossible at current location.


    The first risk would be that we purchase land for which we cannot obtain building permission due to the Rwandan Government's building plans (Vision 2020) for Kigali. We will deal with this risk by checking with the land registration office and the one stop centre (which issues building permits) before purchasing. A second risk would be with cost of builders and the build itself. We will deal with this by working with volunteer gap-team building organisations as well as a staged building program.


    We normally report through online resources to help keep costs down and to protect the environment. We therefore email monthly updates and update our website frequently. For those donating towards the land purchase we would send quarterly reports of financial spending and project progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £125,743

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      Amount Heading Description
      £19,165 Landscaping,Walling&Annexe landscaping, boundary walls, gates, water connection, garden, paving and Annexe building
      £10,314 Foundations for Main Building for two storey main residential building
      £22,924 Ground Floor - Elevation Ground Floor of Main Residental Building, wall masonery including concrete columns, beams etc
      £7,481 Ground Floor - Flooring, Doors Flooring, doors and windows for ground floor
      £7,977 Ground Floor - Beautifying Plastering, tiling, varnishing, electrics and bathrooms
      £11,508 First Floor- Elevation First floor of Main Residental Building, wall masonery including concrete columns, beams etc
      £7,215 First Floor - Flooring, Doors First Floor flooring, doors and windows
      £11,425 F. Floor beautifying,&roof First Floor plastering, varnishing, painting, bathrooms, electrics and roof
      £27,734 Manual Labour&ContigencyBudget Labour Costs and Contigency Budget to allow for cost changes and exchange rate fluctuations

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    funding from individuals and organisations for land purchase £17,000 Guaranteed
    Donations for build £6,000 Guaranteed
    US fundraiser £58,410 Conditional
  • Background


    Our centre is located in the heart of the Nyamirambo, Nyarugenge District near Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The area is renowned for it's drug culture, nightlife and high levels of prostitution. As a result it has a more high concentration of street children and youths than any other part of Rwanda. It is therefore essential that we stay close to this population and wish to purchase land in this area. This also continues the positive established relationships we have with the community.


    Those who will benefit from our project directly are the street children and youth of Nyamirambo and indirectly their families, when they are reconciled, and the police and local community who no longer have to deal with their petty crimes but have instead upstanding members who contribute positively. Nyamirambo is an extremely poor area (half the population of Rwanda live on less than a $1 a day, and this rate is even higher in Nyamirambo).

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our Centre Manager and Co-founder Evode Usabyamahoro grew up as a street youth following the genocide. Since turning his life around he has devoted his life to helping street children, and it was his initial project which formed the base of Ubaka U Rwanda. It is largely because of his hard-work, compassion and success that Ubaka U Rwanda has been able to form such positive relationships with the local schools, community and government, which in turn has made us very successful at rehabilitation.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Evode Usbyamahoro

    Co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda, President of the Rwandan NGO (Ubaka U Rwanda) and Centre Manager Of Ubaka U Rwanda. Will be the Project Manager.

    Rebecca Usabyamahoro (Shrubsole)

    Co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda and Rwandan Project coordinator. She will liaise with the trustees and donors in the UK

The boys singing at our centre


Builds the Annexe for the residential building

I used to sleep under a bridge on a cardboard box, now I sleep in a bed, with sheets!

Emmanuel Ishimwe, aged 8