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Project information

Building Hope for Rwanda's Street Children

We run a highly successful centre for street children & orphans in Rwanda but one of our largest costs is rent which is not very sustainable or stable for the children. Building our own property would save us costs & enable us to have a purpose built centre which more adequately meets their needs

As long as it takes to secure all the funding and complete the build

Charity information: Ubaka U Rwanda

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  • Need


    There are thousands of children and young people in Rwanda driven to the streets by rural poverty, family abuse and the secondary effects of the 1994 genocide. There are no social services to help them, and the local area has the highest number of street children due to the drug culture, nightlife and prostitution, opening them up to further exploitation. We directly combat this through providing housing and other basic needs as well as access to education to make them self-sustaining.


    We founded a centre in 2008 that provides a desperately needed home for street children and young people. The centre meets their basic needs by providing shelter, formal education, food, medical costs and guidance. We also work to reconcile children with their families where possible and so far we have helped 28 return home. Access to secondary/technical schools creates employment opportunities previously unavailable to this population and therefore removes them from the streets permanently.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Finish the main build's living quarters so children & staff can move in safely


    » Hire plumbers and electricians and day labourers to complete water and electric installation, overseen by engineer.
    » Hire labourers to complete ceilings, door ways, flooring and tiling of essential areas.
    » Hire expert labourers to complete internal fixtures and fittings including doors, lights, kitchens & bathrooms

    What success will look like

    Media reports including photographs and videos, reports (including financials) as well as physically moving in

    Aim 2

    complete less prioritised building aspects


    » Painting & decorating on all interior walls and annex buildings
    » Exterior work, including landscaping, paving, balconies and so forth

    What success will look like

    Again reporting to supporters, donors and charity commission

    Aim 3

    Expand centre's work by increasing beneficiaries


    » Staff members will do more street work, meeting more of the vulnerable population & allow higher attendance for drop-in through expanded facilicties
    » Launch of street child prevention work, through educational programs, social work and assistance to those at-risk
    » Large kitchens, study areas, computer rooms and library will provide assistance to local poor community preventing common causes of street children
    » Expanding work with families and community will mean foster homes for many youth, who will then only need the centre for food and educational needs

    What success will look like

    Higher attendence at the drop-ins, start of community access and community based projects.

  • Impact


    Owning our own centre will ensure the longevity of the project as it will remove/decrease two of our biggest costs; rent & food, as we will be able to farm some of our food & will own the property outright. It will provide better security for the children as the centre will belong to the project so there is no risk of losing our home. Having a purpose built centre will enable us to help more street children & 'at-risk' through large kitchens, play areas, library, study spaces & computer rooms


    One risk is the sheer cost of builders and the build itself. We will deal with this by working with volunteer gap-team building organisations as well as a staged building program, so donors can see the build progressing and be encouraged to donate further. Other risks such as not securing planning permission do not apply as we already have a permit and our plans approved by local authority and registered at the national office.


    We normally report through online resources to help keep costs down and to protect the environment. We therefore email monthly updates and update our website frequently. For those donating towards the land purchase we would send quarterly reports of financial spending and project progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £96,640

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      Amount Heading Description
      £14,850 Water & Electricity Plumbing (incl. septic tank), electric cables, rain harvesting system & tanks & solar panels& labour
      £12,000 Electrical fixtures& fittings sockets, light fixtures, switches etc incl. labour
      £9,690 Ceilings & Doors Construction of ceilings, door frames & doors incl. labour
      £15,100 Kitchens & Bathrooms Construction of kitchen units, sinks, showers toilets etc
      £7,200 Painting & Decorating Painting & decorating entire house & Annex incl. labour
      £10,780 Flooring & Tiling Floors, bathrooms' & kitchens' tiles, incl. labour
      £10,200 Exterior Work Paving, painting, plastering, balconies, landscaping etc
      £16,820 Full-time Staff & Admin Project Manager, Engineer & Full-time Site Security Wages & Admin (bank fees, transport etc)
  • Background


    Our centre is located in the heart of the Nyamirambo, Nyarugenge District near Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The area is renowned for it's drug culture, nightlife and high levels of prostitution. As a result it has a higher concentration of street children & youths than any other part of Rwanda. It is therefore essential that we stay close to this population & the build is on land in this area. This also continues the positive established relationships we have with the community.


    Those who will benefit from our project directly are the street children and youth of Nyamirambo & their families, when they are reconciled. Indirectly the police & local community from crime reduction & gaining upstanding members of society. Nyamirambo is an extremely poor area (half the population of Rwanda live on less than a $1 a day & this rate is even higher here) so our expanded community work will prevent many going to the streets to begin with as well as changing minds about street kids

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our Centre Manager and Co-founder Evode Usabyamahoro grew up as a street youth following the genocide. Since turning his life around he has devoted his life to helping street children & it was his initial project which formed the base of Ubaka U Rwanda. It is largely because of his hard-work, compassion and success that Ubaka U Rwanda has been able to form such positive relationships with local schools, community, police & government, which in turn has made us very successful at rehabilitation

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Evode Usbyamahoro

    Co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda, President of the Rwandan NGO (Ubaka U Rwanda) and Centre Manager Of Ubaka U Rwanda. Will be the Project Manager.

    Rebecca Usabyamahoro (Shrubsole)

    Co-founder of Ubaka U Rwanda and Rwandan Project coordinator. She will liaise with the trustees and donors in the UK


Will build a system for removal of waste water

I was three when I came to [live in] street... Now I am in secondary school and doing well

Yves aged 16