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Project information

Hands-On Science for Children

Children and young people need better science and technology skills in order to succeed in school, careers and everyday life. This project will make science teaching and learning interesting, fun and relevant to Ghanaian children by involving them in hands-on activities they will enjoy.

June 2011 - May 2015

Charity information: Tops Learning Systems (TOPS)

Tops Learning Systems (TOPS) logo
  • Need


    There is an urgent need for innovative programs to change young people’s notion that science is a difficult subject to study. Research in 2008 revealed poor teaching methods, few basic equipment to teach science in schools and no culturally appropriate curriculum materials as barriers preventing young people from taking interest in pursuing science subjects to higher levels. It is important that we take action early in primary schools to encourage children to see value in learning science.


    Tops Learning Systems will establish a new science centre for children in Ghana to develop and disseminate hands-on and fun activity lessons that make science interesting and relevant to children. The centre will provide children with exploration and exciting experiences in learning science to inspire and motivate them. Teachers will receive professional development and training in inspiring children to learn science through play processes.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improve science learning in Ghana by involving children in hands-on lessons using local materials.


    » • Run daily drop-in centre activities to inspire children in doing fun science to observe results
    » • Undertake outreach to schools, working with children and teachers on hands-activities that children will enjoy
    » • Train 50 teachers from schools in Accra every year in the use of hands-on, interactive and simple local materials in teaching science to children
    » • Organise periodic exhibitions, lectures and symposiums on new developments in the world of science for the community

    What success will look like

    Success will be the project receiving at most 60 schools, 1000 students and 100 teachers visiting the centre every year to take part in activities ..

  • Impact


    • More young people will develop interest in science and enrol to study it into the future.
    • Student achievement in science will improve greatly.
    • Teachers will now use new methods including simple materials and play processes in teaching science to children.
    We will demonstrate success by recording numbers of children and teachers attending sessions. We meet with schools to find out how their involvement with our programs has influenced science teaching and achievement in their schools.


    There is a risk of children or teachers not attending sessions. We have fostered close links with the Ghana Education Service and community schools in Accra to prevent this risk. Since schools are involved in planning this project, they will value and participate in it.
    Another risk is not enough money for the project. We will start the project on a small scale and deliver it with good report and success stories such that government and other funders will be interested in supporting us.


    We will report to our donors by sending to them quarterly e-mails and annual hard copy reports detailing ongoing activities, successes and any changes that we might have made in the year

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £49,100

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      Amount Heading Description
      £22,000 Project staff Centre co-ordinator and support staff
      £5,800 Library materials Furniture, books and periodicals
      £2,500 Teaching materials Local materials in teaching science
      £2,700 Teacher training For 50 teachers in the year
      £3,000 Exhibitions Annual
      £4,800 Admin Stationery/telephone/etc
      £3,200 Equipment Computer 2, Printer1, photocopier 1
      £2,600 Outreach Schools Support
      £2,500 Community Community involvement
  • Background


    This project will be based at OSU in Accra, Ghana. This is one of the most deprived communities in Accra. The area is easily accessible because of its proximity to good road networks and central position in Accra. This area has high concentration of clusters of primary and junior high schools that can easily access the centre by walking. It is also close to the Science Unit and the headquarters of the Ghana Association of Science Teachers for easy collaboration and partnership work.


    School children aged 5 to 20 years, primary and junior high school teachers and teachers in training colleges all over Ghana will have the opportunity to participate in project activities and gain valuable experiences which will benefit their schools and communities. Education authorities will also benefit from the developed lessons, organised workshops and professional development programmes.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Tops Learning Systems has over 15 years of extensive track record and experience of helping teachers to use inquiry-based approach to helping children enjoy learning science through play processes. We have successfully introduced hands-on science teaching and learning methodologies in many community schools in Ghana in the last 10 years. We have developed 100 activity lessons for children that depend on 15 simple local materials which can be found in any local environment in the world.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Elisha Fiador

    Elisha will direct the project. He has co-ordinated programs like this in Ghana for 10 years after training in Hands-on Science in Portland, Oregon

    Mary Gyang

    Mary is a curriculum developer. She will outreach to schools to develop interactive science programs with teachers and children

    Valdom Fiador

    Valdom is a secondary school science teacher for over 10 years. He will be a support staff at the centre and undertake outreach with Mary..