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FareShare Greater Glasgow & Clyde (FGGC)

FGGC- surplus fit for purpose foods from retailers are collected and redistributed via a volunteer run warehouse to agencies benefitting vulnerable groups.This will decrease landfill and asssociated CO2 levels,provide cost savings for agencies,provide training and skills for volunteers.

ongoing so long as there is demand

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  • Need


    FareShare GGC addresses food poverty, environmental damage through landfill, and skills and employment opportunities for those furthest from the labour market. Glasgow, with 11% of Scotland’s population, far exceeds any other city or local authority area in Scotland in terms of deprivation,with 31% of the country’s most deprived data zones.


    The project will be delivered primarily by trained and motivated volunteers from socially disadvantaged groups, who will deliver approximately 500,000 meals per annum to other disadvantaged groups in hostels, day centres, breakfast clubs, women's refuges, after school clubs etc.
    Retailers will donate surplus fit for purpose foods to be redistributed to those in need - as such less food waste will go to landfill reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduce food poverty


    » collect surplus foods from retailers and redistribute to member organisations to feed their beneficiaries

    Success will be...500,000 meals per annum being delivered to those in need in and around Glasgow

    Aim 2

    provide employability and employment opportunities for those furthest from labour market


    » have a volunteer run warehouse where training and certificates in food hygiene, forklift driving, etc will be available.

    Success will be...60 volunteers per year acquiring skills, training and certificates in the project that will enhance their employability and associated financial stability

    Aim 3

    reduce environmental damage


    » divert surplus foods from landfill to needy beneficiaries therefore decreasing landfill levels and associated CO2 emissions

    Success will be...reducing waste from approximately 30 retailers per year

  • Impact


    The project will provide some of the most vulnerable people in Glasgow with regualar nutritious meals, benefitting their health; it will offer these people employabiltity enhancement opportunities which will increase their competitiveness and chance in the job market; it will also increase their self esteem, confidence, motivation to aspire, happiness, etc; it will reduce landfill and environmental damage to some extent.


    The main risks that would affect this project would be a lack of start-up investment - other than that no real risks.


    We are flexible to the reporting needs of donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,008,087

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      Amount Heading Description
      £552,871 staffing salaries, wages, volunteer, professional and training costs
      £227,905 rent/rates/consumables rent and rates, stationery, internet, phone
      £69,712 premises maintenance heat,light and power and insurance
      £157,599 machinery van and fork lift lease, fuel and insurance
  • Background


    Glasgow and its surrounding environs, i.e. Greater Glasgow and Clyde.This area has many pockets of severe deprivation with high levels of homelessness, unemployment and general poverty.


    -Retailers in the food and drink industry in Greater Glasgow & Clyde
    -The local environment
    -Member organisations saving money on food costs
    -Beneficiaries in member organisations
    -local employers from increased talent pool
    -NHS from improved health and lowered demand on health services
    -Glasgow from increasing economy

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have 14 years of expertise in the homelessness and employabiltiy sector, delivering services to some of the most vulnerable groups in society.We have excellent partnership links and highly skilled staff to offer training to our volunteers in this project.We are passionate and dedicated to this project succeeding and improving the lives of Glasgow and Greater Clyde's citizens.

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    Move On

    Lead role in starting up and managing the project, including premises and staff management, volunteer recruitment and management, etc.

    Glasgow's Regeneration Agencies

    Vital role in set up and management of project offering opportunities to access partner networks and benefit from expertise in marketing, etc.

    Glasgow Homelessness Network

    Vital role in set up and management of project offering opportunities to access partner networks and benefit from expertise in marketing, etc.

    Glasgow City Council Development And Regeneration Services

    Vital role in set up and management of project offering opportunities to access partner networks and benefit from expertise in marketing, etc.