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Visually Impaired People Seeing the Internet

This project aims to support blind or partially (BPS) people to navigate the Internet for everyday activities such as social networking or grocery shopping online. This is achieved by first introducing them to adaptive technologies such as Zoomtext and Jaws, and then utilising the internet.

May 2011 - March 2012

Charity information: Royal London Society for the Blind

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  • Need


    BPS people are confronted with a range of barriers in their everyday lives such as issues with mobility, self-confidence, travelling, interacting socially and engaging with their community. Due to these impediments BPS people often miss out on accessing elements of society that are often taken for granted, such as advances in technology including the internet.


    BPS participants will receive training and familiarisation in enabling technology by trying a range of different IT solutions, supported by a specialist trainer to enable them to use computers assisted by adaptive equipment, such as voice recognition systems, audible screen readers, a range of screen magnifiers etc... The clients will then receive internet training specific and individual to their needs to enable them to achieve easy and confident use of the internet.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase the knowledge of 32 BPS people to use computers


    » 2.5hr 1-2-1 intensive sessions held at Victoria Office in the computer training suite. 4 x client have 7 sessions each, 28 clients have 5 sessions

    Success will be observing 32 BPS clients demonstrating their ability to use a computer, adaptive technology and the internet to perform tasks such as finding information on support

  • Impact


    Some clients may wish the independence of being able to shop online rather than depend on others, some clients may wish to research information such benefits and housing. Impacts of the programme will be evidenced through client feedback, reporting and a final evaluation. However long-term impacts will be bespoke and personal to each client.


    Risk - Lack of take up from the client group. Mitigation – the RLSB already works with over 250 active clients throughout London, however this number is expending all the time.

    Risk – Lack of skilled staff to deliver project. Mitigation – the RLSB already has the experienced, full-time staff in place to deliver this project


    The RLSB reports to all Donors and Funders on a regular basis. Delivery staff on all projects meet with RLSB management on a monthly basis to discuss profiles of client progress and spend against projects including client feedback, observations, lessons learned, trends and future actions

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £14,341

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      Amount Heading Description
      £14,341 Salaries Project delivery, supervision, admin, reporting and evaluation
  • Background


    The project will be located at out Victoria Offices situated at the Victoria charity Centre in Westminster (SW1V 1RB). The offices have a fully equipped Workshop Room and Client Computer Training Suite. The Victoria Charity Centre is a 7-10min walk from Victoria Rail, Underground and Bus Stations.


    The project will benefit 32 blind or partially sighted (BPS) clients from throughout London aged 18+. 28 x BPS clients will have 5 2.5hr sessions and 4 x BPS clients will have 7 2.5hr sessions. A majority of BPS people live in poverty, with 75% of BPS working age adults in London not working. A 2007 Survey by Guide Dogs for the Blind, found that 54% of people who acquired blindness after the age of 10, reported having no-one to talk to at the time

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The RLSB is the one of the leading, specialist providers of Nursery provision, education, life skills training, transitional support, pre-employment training and social/short breaks provision for BPS people in the South East. The RLSB currently has an in-house specialist IT and enabling technology manager who will provide expertise and guidance on the delivery of the project to ensure that individual solutions maximise the beneficial uses of enabling technology

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    Mr David Arthur

    David Arthur is BPS himself so he understands the barriers faced by this group. Has worked in IT for 30 years and an expert in Adaptive Technologies