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OASIS - Heart for Wellbeing Project

Heart for Wellbeing is for all ages in a disadvantaged community. Project aims to give opportunities and enhance life for many. 'Heart for Wellbeing' will help mentor people with new skills. Welfare, social needs, academic learning,hobbies, interests, purpose, belonging, health, wellbeing.

April 2011 - April 2013

Charity information: Oasis Community Church & Centre (Worksop)

Oasis Community Church & Centre (Worksop)
  • Need


    The project is looking to assist people in finding new friends, new opportunities and new ideas for their lives and futures. The community is disadvantaged and there are many needs in lives, marriages, families, lack of hope and positive action. We would like to help people suffering crisis, lifestyle changes, suffering illness, mental illness, addiction, homelessness, singleness, old age, bereavement, financial problems and unemployment.


    We believe that by helping and mentoring people in this project we can give new opportunities and life choices (for young people excluded from school or unemployed, older people needing new direction and interests, people suffering mental illness, health or disability, people adjusting to different lifestyle). Working with people at the point of need and helping signpost them into other projects at the centre and outside we can help people in crisis, despair and disadvantage.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide a safe place and caring people to talk to for those needing help and support.


    » We have a drop in community cafe project which will be a place for people to come to to find help and support.
    » We will have trained and safe people to talk to who can become a befriender and mentor to the individual in need.
    » Providing groups, projects, activities, free education for excluded, unemployed ,elderly, those suffering illness, isolation, loneliness etc.
    » Providing a new park and gardens to give a peaceful oasis where people can find peace, relaxation. A green and pleasant place to visit.

    Success will be seeing people come to the OASIS centre daily and accessing mentoring help provided.

    Aim 2

    Help people explore new opportunities giving new contacts, friends, skills and interests.


    » Educational classes/ groups who can access free courses (IT, basic skills in english, maths, finance, catering, childcare, arts, care etc.
    » New groups for hobbies/skills (horticulture, arts and crafts, music, film, website design, catering, sports etc) giving new direction/experiences.

    Success will be seeing individuals making new relationships, friendships and learn new skills and take up new interests.

  • Impact


    The overall OASIS Community Centre is aimed at giving a new heart and hub for a disadvantaged community. The 'Heart for wellbeing' projects are aimed at bringing about change in the community. Giving the opportunity in the long term to lift the whole community out of disadvantage by giving them life enhancing opportunities and experiences and a successful place to go, belong to and give the community an enhanced reputation. This is the one big opportunity to see a community transformed.


    The risk that people do not wish to access help/ resources provided. We have ongoing consultation and evidence to guage public opinion/need. We have reduced the risk by bringing community on our jounrey (councillors, local teachers, medics, police, charities, community workers etc). We have a 25 year lease and have negotiated a ten year rent free period on the site which gives the project a financial safety and long term prospects.


    We will report to donors in regular updates by email or letter and by annual report magazines outlining the different project areas and successes. It will also highlight ongoing needs and aspects which need further assistance.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,500 Mentors training Training for mentors, befrienders, tutors.
      £1,000 Publicity/admin Publicity/administration/CRB checks.
      £750 Catering/refreshments Cafe refreshments/equipment
      £2,500 Activity/groups Support for Workshops in various areas.
      £2,000 Support Costs For travel, towards clothing, CVs for clients
      £2,500 Formal Courses First Aid, Health & Safety, Citizenship etc
      £1,500 ASDAN/ART Course Course Materials for ASDAN and ARTS awards.
      £750 3 Awards Nights Nights of honour for volunteers/courses etc
      £2,500 P/t Co ordinator Coordinator/manager of the Project

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Lloyds TSB £2,500 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The OASIS Community Centre & OASIS Community Gardens, 2 Longfellow Drive, Kilton, worksop, Notts S81 0DE.
    This was a derelict former youth centre site which has been newly renovated, refurbished and landscaped by our charity. Opening in March 2011 it is the result of 3 years hard work, fund raising and project development as an all age, multi facetted community centre and park. We have raised over £450,000 over the last 3 years for this project site.


    The primary area we are targetting is the disadvantaged Kilton estate community (and Bracebridge, Manton, Larwood, Prospect estates) (about 7000 people) and the wider community of Worksop town and villages (about 50000 people). This was a former coalfields area and there is still much unemployment, a large amount of family breakdown, higher than average mental illness. It is a predominantly white community with many families having never moved home.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only charity that has attempted any community project on this scale and estate. There are few community buildings (the only youth centre closed 5 yrs ago), two old community centres closed down (one has since burned down). We are the best placed as we are able to manage the overall project, and facilitate the outworking of individual projects. We have proved our comitment to the project over the last 3 years.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Steve Williams - Volunteer Chairman And Project Manager

    Chairman and Project manager.

    Jonathan Grieves - Treasurer

    Jon is the treasurer and accounts manager for this new project.

    Jean Joseph (Volunteer And Charity Trustee)

    Jean is a trustee with experience in community care. She will undertake support work in providing refreshments and managing the housekeeping.

    Chris Bloomer (Volunteer And Charity Trustee)

    Chris has a background in community work, having worked with homeless and addicts in the Voluntary third sector over many years.