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Youth club for over 25's

Our Youth Club is an all inclusive service, but particularly for vulnerable, homeless local people living in an area of extreme deprivation and poverty. It provides a warm, welcoming, 'safe haven' for those who normally have no social life. For many it is the only 'outing' of the week.

March 2014 - March 2020

Charity information: Great Yarmouth Community Trust

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  • Need


    Our Youth Club provides activities for members of the community that may not be accepted in 'every day' life such as homeless people, people with mental health issues. Activities available range from playing the Wii, to knitting; we also have regular visits from public health workers. Many feel ostracised from the community and are afraid to access even public services. We feel attendance enables and empowers them and makes them feel that they are a valued member of their community.


    We provide a non judgemental, safe, warm, welcoming environment for people to come along either just to chat and feel part of a group or to access information and other support from other agencies. Encouraging members to join in our activities we feel builds confidence and a feeling of belonging to the vulnerable and homeless and promotes other transferable employability skills for the unemployed, which results in a feeling that they 'belong' and 'deserve' the same service as everyone else.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a safe environment for everyone to access


    » We run the group in our local community hall. there is one member of staff and various volunteers to assist
    » to ensure that everyone who attends the group is aware that we are all equal and there is no hierachy amongst the group
    » provide appropriate training for staff, volunteers and groups members

    What success will look like

    that those who attend will continue to attend because they feel part of the group and not judged....the success will be the continuation of the group through members attendance

    Aim 2

    access to free or afforable activities


    » a weekly free 2 hour session, including games, wii, table tennis, arts and crafts etc. activities that will help with soft skills.
    » free or subsidised monthly outings to museums, zoos etc. any social activity. this will help with social and life skills
    » empowering the group to make choices about what activities they would like to access and why they feel this would be useful to them

    What success will look like

    Providing statistics on those who attend the activities, and the impact that the activities have had on their lives. Through questionnaires and monitoring demographics etc.

    Aim 3

    to signpost members of the community to other specialist agencies


    » allow other agencies access to the group to provide information and support to the group memebers
    » have access to the local homeless hostel and housing schemes to share information with their customers
    » ...include the benefits agency, local health trainers, mental health services, social services and any other appropriate service

    What success will look like

    that group members will access other appropriate agencies...again this will be monitored through statistics and questionnaires with the attendees and other agencies stats

    Aim 4

    to support the local community


    » to be an all inclusive service providing an ecclectic mix of support, advice and guidance.

    What success will look like

    empowering people to feel part of the community to gain confidence to access other activities. monitored through statistics & questionnaires with attendees & other agencies

  • Impact


    i feel that the legacy will be that people will pass on their experiences to others who may have been in the same position as they were in the past. it will be a 'pass it on' message that will radiate through the community. demonstrating the success will be in the attendees themselves and the continuing of the group, if the need is there then so will the group be.everything will be monitored through statistics and questionnaires to ensure that what is necessary to happen will be happening


    1- no funding. we are fundraising through small schemes we are planning and through larger funding bids such as this one.
    2 - external agencies not providing a service. at present we have approximately 10 external services who have agreed to attend on a rota basis to provide low key support and information. There can be no more than 2 professional workers in the groups as many of the attendees are nervous around statutory workers, even though the support they give is vital for their health


    We report to donors through monitoring statistics, taking regular questionnaires and having regular meetings to ensure that we are targeting the areas we have promised. both through the group members and the funding source. We also provide regular updates/news reports about the groups activities.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,860 room hire hire of a large enough room to accomodate everyone
      £750 refreshments to provide tea coffee and biscuits through the year
      £6,420 staff 1 member of staff to coordinate the scheme14 hours a week for 52 weeks
      £820 expenses including volunteers expenses and CRB checks
      £2,400 monthly outings including entrance fees and transport if appropriate.
      £1,000 resources games, arts and crafts, activities
      £750 stationary paper for newsletter, printing costs, envelopes etc
  • Background


    The Borough Of Great Yarmouth Norfolk
    Priory Centre
    Priory Plain
    Great Yarmouth
    NR30 1nw
    We are one of the most deprived areas of Great Britain, with a transient population due to seasonal work. We have growing population of homeless people, also those with any level of mental health issues, plus older people also with chronic illnesses and other physical and mental health issues. We have one of the highest % of people who are unemployed and economic migrants in the country.


    The general nature of the attendees of the Youth Club are those experiencing homelessness, social exclusion and anxiety. Our Youth Club provides a safe, reassuring, happy environment enabling many to undertake activities they could only imagine, such as playing the Wii. Many say it is their reason to get up in the morning. Attendance also help alleviate the downward spiral that a recession brings and will help to raise community spirit and make the attendees more active citizens

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The venue is a 13th century ex Benedictine Priory and is located in the centre of Great Yarmouth and well known in the town as a safe place to go with staff who really care about their community and local people. We have 13 years experience of delivering much needed support services and activities to our local community. Our company vision is that "Everyone in Great Yarmouth is part of a community where they can thrive". We do our best to empower residents to do this.

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    Joleen Dawson

    Project Coordinator - 5+ yrs experience working with vulnerable adults & organising activities for the community

    Adrian Tester

    Volunteer - already a regular volunteer with the community groups. Has 6 months experience volunteering with vulnerable adults

    Laura Abel

    Volunteer - Has 6 months experience volunteering with us, but over 10 years experience working with vulnerable adults and children.