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Educate young children around diversity equality bullying and Racism , through the use of life size puppets Disabled children and young people need to know they have the right to be safe from bullying. And all children need to know what to do to themselves being bullied.

April 2011 - April 2012

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  • Need


    . Discrimination , Racism and Bullying , We currently support over 273 families of disabled children who face the above on a daily basis
    All young people need to know they have the right to be safe from bullying. And know what to do to help stop a disabled child or themselves being bullied.


    Giving Children the opportunity to explore learn how to stop bullying and how to help one another and address what disabilities are and how they can help a person with a disability,
    Our new Accepting difference programme aimed at young people aged 9-18 addresses issues affecting young people with disabilities and how to ensure that such young people are not excluded from day to day activities and given the same chances as other young people in

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Develop activities that engage disabled childreb to develop their aspirations in life and recognise


    » Delivery of the Count Me In disability equality awareness programme to settings across Yorkshire and Humber
    » Delivery of TheLets Prevent Bullying awaereness programme to settings across Yorkshire and Humber
    » Delivery of The Accepting Difference Discrimination Bullying and Racism Aawaereness programme to settings across Yorkshire and Humber
    » Provide a web site that all young people parents/carers ect can access information on bullying disabilities racism awareness and be accessable to all

    What success will look like

    Reducation in discrimination bullying and racism We believe taht by educating children when they are young can bring about positive changes for all

  • Impact


    Children being able ot know what to do if they face discrimination Bullying or Racism and be bale to have the skills to make changes support one another and work together to enable our next generation to live inclusively and recognise they are all equal , and that they are abel ot reach their own aspirations in life , We wil demonsatrate the success by putting together evidence and reports but most of all enabling the young people to speak up about what needs to change in society


    The risks is education authorities and schools not recognising the need and not working together in their disability equality schemes however through our programmes we are helping these to understand that our porgrammes are helping young people and that by implementing them in their settings we are enabling them to address the issues faced by the children around bullying discrimination ad racism faced by young children in settings every day and dealing with this together


    Through evaluation reports pictures letters poems email form the children that participate , providing them with opportunities to come along and see what we are doing and enabling them to help young people , it is important that each individual helps another person her they will help thousands

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 Educational programmes 30 shows for local schools and informationRacism and Disabilities to help settings continue manuals
      £5,000 staff Employ a person to help us in settings
      £500 web site Provide a accesable web site for all children

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    co-operative £1,300 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The location is Yorkshire and Humber we are based in wakefield which is a deprived area and as the highest rate of disabled children yet the lowest rate for services , many of the children we help come from families with low incomes unemployed , single parents .

    It si very difficult for families of disabled children to access services and their righs we are forever fighting alongside thme for these this is why the children wanted us to provide the porgrammes to help others


    The OPCS prevalence estimations: Wakefield has 2400 disabled children; 900 of which have more complex needs.
    Read et al 2007 estimations (7.3%): Wakefield has 5098 disabled children (May 2008)
    Nationally, on average twice as many boys than girls are disabled (TCRU report 2008). In Wakefield, 72.38% of children and young people who have statements are boys (403 girls and 1056 boys).

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only organisation that delivers these programmes we have had over ten years of experience working with disabled children and their families , Our staff are disabled themsleves and have faced many barriers and provide the children knowledge , We know what we are doing is a massive challenge but we belive that the programmes are working and that we want to share our knowldeg and experience with others and learn oursleves what changes need to be made by listening to children

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    Sabrina Archbold Staff

    Puppeteer , Trainer , advisor , sabrina is a inspitirational person she was born with Cerebral Plasy and as worked with children for over ten years

    Sandra Davidson Page STAFF

    Puppeteter and information Sandra is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids she as been supporting parents of disabled children for over ten years

    Gillian Archbold STAFF

    Manager , puppeteer , trainer advisor ,advocate have been working with disabled chidren and families for over 25 years and want to make a difference

    Emma Leonard Volunteer

    Admin and Pupeeteer , Emma is visually impaired and as been volunteering for with us over a year , she as abrother with ADHD and her father as Alzimer