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Project information

Skill Xtr@x

To re-engage, disadvantaged and/or socially excluded, young people aged 16-24 years old back into education, employment or training through the provision of holistic, confidence building courses, set in a safe atmosphere where individuals will be encouraged to grow.

1-3 years

Charity information: XTRAX (Young People's Centre)

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  • Need


    Hastings is often in the top 10 nationally for unemployment, poverty, poor exam results and mental health issues. Many of our young people are benefit dependant as their parents were before them, they have come out of the care system, are young offenders, young parents or didn’t finish school. Some of these issues have left them dis-engaged and unable to fully participate in society. We are passionate about helping these young people to realise their full potential.


    Through engagement in our Youth Access Hub we will run 4 x 10 week courses per year which will include basic maths and English leading to a qualification, a residential at an outward bound centre to learn team building skills, art sessions, career guidance and life skills such as cooking, letter writing, etc.. We will have a flexible approach to learning allowing the individual to grow in a safe environment through goal planning and achieving and also through a volunteer peer mentoring system.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Engage 40 young per year onto our core 10 week course


    » We will engage participants through our youth access hub (Xtrax) and also through partnering agencies in the town such as Connexions and local college

    What success will look like

    Success will be 80% of attendants completing the course and 50% going onto engage in employment, education, training or volunteering.

    Aim 2

    To engage a futher 100 young people onto other courses to enhance lives and learning experiances


    » Art courses to build confidence and open up other career avenues
    » Cookery courses to learn new skills, open up career avenues and also promote healthy eating on a budget.
    » Basic Maths and English sessions, to allow those not on the core course to achieve qualifications needed to apply for jobs or college.

    What success will look like

    Success will be 30% going onto employment, education, training or volunteering.

  • Impact


    Our project will hope to start a process of an individual achieving life goals and building confidence to then be able to do this on their own. We will demonstrate success by helping 50 young people remove their NEET status, as set by the government.


    There is a risk that young poeple may leave the courses or not attend, we will deal with this by keeping close links with partners and other young poeple in our centre who are interested in the courses and replace if at early stage in course.


    We can report to donors through an end of project report and or quarterly reports. We are happy for donors to have as much or as little invovlement as they wish.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £169,152

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      Amount Heading Description
      £101,492 Staffing Costs Management, admin, tutors, residential staff
      £37,260 Resources Food, travel, residential trips, course materials, staff travel and office resources
      £19,800 Overheads Room rent and venue hire
      £10,600 Capital Laptops, IT support, software packages
  • Background


    Hastings, situated on the south coast in East sussex, is an area which suffers from hidh levels of deprivation, unemployment, mental health issues and low exam results. Figures last year estimated there are currently 9,000 NEETs in East Sussex, that's 19% of those aged 16-24. Hastings has an over-reliance on public sector jobs. Impending cuts and associated rises in unemployment.


    Young people aged 16-24 will benefit from this project, being offered and shown how to look for opportunites in many areas and also the confidence to go for them.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We currently open our doors to around 300-400 young people each year, making individuals visits in excess of 5000 per year. We offer a unique 'wrap-around' care service, operating outside of normal hours being open 4 nights a week until 10 pm and free breakfast club each week day morning 9-10am. We provide cheap healthy dinners, laundry and shower facilities, advice on housing, benefits and debts and also free counselling and supported pregnancy and sexual health tests.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Andrew Batsford

    Andrew the Xtrax Centre manager of 10 years, a voice for all our young people, his knowledge and innovative ideas flow making all projects a success.

    Rae Edwards

    Project manager, will oversee project & budgets ensuring succesful as previous projects. Also will be point of contact for donors & all staff involved


    Innovative, caring and understand the backgrounds and needs of our young people, specialised in areas required.

Art work by our young people

Art work by our young people