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Young and Proud

Young people’s services are under threat, particularly those offering positive activities to young people at risk, keeping them out of trouble and improving their skills and aspirations. We will use new media to ensure disadvantaged young people can access community projects in their local area.

May 2018 - April 2019

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  • Need


    The problems created by funding gaps for youth services. 80% of organisations recently surveyed said their targeted programmes for young people are likely to end as a result of public sector spending cuts, and the safe community havens young people rely on as a way of engaging in positive activities may be lost. Ensuring young people at risk have access to these services is crucial: while youth support costs £100 per person p.a., keeping a young offender in jail costs 100 times that.


    We will solve this problem by ensuring young people whose local youth service is affected by these cuts are able to find and access alternative positive activities. We will achieve this by creating a dedicated micro-site from BYC’s main website mapping positive activities across England (similar to our Local Youth Council map:; launching a monthly e-bulletin; and using social media to promote local activities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support young people to access positive activities within their local communities.


    » Establish new partnerships with local grassroots organisations running positive activities and youth services.
    » Create a new BYC web area with map based listings and events calendars of positive activities for young people across the UK.
    » Establish a new email bulletin signposting young people to positive activities in their local area.
    » Use social media to encourage young people to feed into the mapping of activities.

    recording numbers of young people accessing positive activities through partners; monitoring sign-ups to the e-bulletin; recording web traffic to the micro-site

  • Impact


    - An online resource will be created for young people to feed into and shape over time improving their access to positive activities in their local area. We expect the number of young people accessing positive activities will be increased as a result of the project.
    - A wider network of youth focused organisations who feed into the project will be established, and they will be supported to share learning and best practice.


    There is a risk that young people will not know about the new website or signposting resources. We will deal with this risk by promoting the project through our membership network of almost 800 youth focused organisations, and use new media such as facebook and twitter, to promote the project to a wider audience of young people.


    Donors will receive an update report months into the project and a final evaluation report at the end of the 12 month pilot. Each communication will keep donors apprised of any changes to the original project plan. Donors will also be invited along to any project events and celebrations.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Partnership work Desk research and field work into potential providers of positive activities for young people
      £6,500 Web design and ongoing web sup Designing and building the new micro-site and mapping feature, and updating the site
      £1,500 Promotion and marketing Promoting the project via social media outlets, memebr organisations and outreach work
  • Background


    Our project will cover the whole of England, but we will target the marketing and promotion of the project in the top 50 most deprived areas of the country according to the 2007 Indices of Deprivation. These areas are characterised by disproportionately high youth unemployment, poor child health, lower levels of achievement at GCSE, and higher numbers of young people disengaged from education, employment and training.


    Direct beneficiaries will be young people aged 11-25 in local communities across the UK suffering from the greatest poverty and deprivation. Community cohesion in local communities across England will also be increased as young people from minority groups and marginalised backgrounds become more visibly involved in positive activities. Youth focused organisations may also benefit from increased demand for their services, and the networks of similar organisations accessible through the project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    No other national organisation possesses the networks, reputation or expertise to provide this widespread mapping and support for young people to access positive activities. BYC has a network of over 800 membership organisations, and links to many more youth focused groups. We are also able to provide skills training and facilitate youth led projects for young people wishing to start up their own community activity.

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    David Clark, Head Of Programmes And Policy At BYC

    David will manage the project. He has extensive experience of youth work as a qualified teacher; and former trustee of 2 youth organisations

    James Cathcart, Chief Executive Of BYC

    James will oversee the planning and delivery. He has over 30 years' experience of the youth sector.