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"Earth is the Home we share"

Our global future is inter-dependent. 100,000's of malnourished, children in remote rural primary schools of S. America can't develop mentally to enable vital choices for the future. CDUK provide wells, basic school equipment, windmills for energy, orchards for fruits, reforestation & CO2 reduction.

January 2014 - February 2015

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  • Need


    Malnutrition of primary school children in Argentina. CDUK helps them to grow, develop, physically & mentally to adulthood, fit to make important economic, social & environmental decisions locally, nationally & internationally for the future of our global environment.
    Currently children are so malnourished from an early age that they have to repeat their grades, they are too hungry, tired or thirsty to study. Schools lack water, energy, educational materials clothes, pencils & fresh food.


    Each project is different. Last year CDUK helped school No 162, Chaco, Argentina by providing a deep well to give safe water. Previously the teachers choice weekly was to spend the few Pesos allocated per child on FOOD or WATER. The water was free but the fuel for the the delivery was not. The children live at school during the week eating a mainly cereal & milk diet. Now they have water CDUK provided fruit trees for reforestation , vitamins, shade to grow vegetables & CO2 reduction.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Healthier, educated, mentally developed children, participating effectively in future decisions


    » Media Advertising Campaign to raise money and awareness of our interdependence & encourage support from the UK public and more trustees for our board
    » Grant funding Applications to raise money for our projects & an awareness campaign Requests to Rotary Cubs for support to help us to spread the word
    » Regular project updates on our website & via our newsletters to encourage support, fundraising, awareness & donations from the public..
    » Annual update of our fundraising and information leaflet & distribution via supporters, the media, trustees, Rotary Clubs, libraries & other outlets

    Success will be demonstrated by the number of schools we are able to assist. As there are several thousands the possibilities are boundless but this year we aim to assist up to 40

    Aim 2

    To raise sufficient money and support from the public to help up to 40 schools in 2014/16


    » All of the above in our first aim

    Success will be measured by the number of schools we have managed to assist & in the requirements of each school at an individual & fundamental level, each need is different

    Aim 3

    Encourage the public to support & act upon the interdependence of the world we all need & share


    » Media campaigns & advertising to gain support for our ideals, & grow exponentially , expand the concept, charity begins at home in the world we share

    Success will be measured by the increase in our supporter database, public participation and interest in our campaign, visits to our website, media interest & financial support.

    Aim 4

    to be able to afford to pay a full time fundraiser to assist in all our objectives. This is vital.


    » Raise money for a UK fundraiser/PR worker for one year by which time s/he sould be self supporting, reducing the work of the overloaded chairman

    Success will be measured by raising sufficient funding to be able to cover all the costs of a full time fundraiser for at least one year by which time s/he will be self supporting.

  • Impact


    1000's of malnourished children will be able to eat more healthily, develop mentally, grow & produce food & to be able study at night - when CDUK provide wind generators & eductaional materials.
    Food will enable children's brains to develop at a vital stage in their growth & they will learn effectively & go on to secondary education instead of the current choice of herding Llamas in isolated poverty stricken mountain shacks as do many of their illiterate & undernourished parents. We need money


    Death of Trustees & or Chairman but that is part of the campaign to recruit more volunteers and trustees & not be so dependent upon such a small team.

    Lack of funding success but we will keep trying.

    We have made no promises to anyone & will only spend money that we have in the bank apart from a working surplus. Our partners APAER have thousands of files with evidence of schools who need our help, when we have money available we will research & chose the projects that fit our mission.


    Via our website & a biannual newsletters or personal report if required by donors. We were recently funded to build a Woman and Child Development Centre that opened in March 2011, our funder asked for 6 monthly reports & photos after we had assured sustainability of the project in our application.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £156,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £50,000 dig a deep well digs 20 wells for rural schools
      £50,000 wind generators supplies & installs 20 wind generators
      £8,000 orchards supplies 40 orchards & equipment
      £8,000 administration 1 trip to UK, projects & office costs
      £30,000 fundraiser full time worker for PR & fundraising
      £10,000 educational equipment £8 per primary school child pa

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Uxbridge Rotary Club £250 Guaranteed
    Shipston Rotary Club £300 Guaranteed
    Just Trust £500 Guaranteed
    Mrs Miller £480 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We are hoping to assist at least 40 rural schools in the north of Argentina , the provinces of Chaco, Entre Rios and Salta & beyond if possible, ie Bolivia & Paraguay, we will work with our partners APAER who have files on & access to thousands of schools in Argentian alone, we will judge each project on its merits & need to be flexible in our choices & decisions. according to need.
    Chairman requires funding to build up trusted relationships in Paraguay & Bolivia where demand is even greater.


    Educated, healthy children will benefit everyone involved in the local & international community & enrich the lives of the population of each country involved as students are able to take positions of responsibility & influence. Difficult choices that need to be made for the future of our planet need to be globally & equally shared
    Many of the people we will help are disenfranchised & abandonded by their governments, but with education will be more able to assert their rights to democracy.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have worked in S. America & particularly Argentina since 2004 & have built up trusted contacts. We understand many of the pitfalls, areas & systems of corruption.
    We have been working successfully with our partners APAER a registered charity on similar projects over the past 2 years. APAER - have been established for 25 years & work with professional volunteers as do we, we now have access to their contacts & all the benefits of working with this respected organisation.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ros Grant

    Chairman of CDUK, research, liasion funding & administration of projects via APAER to whom we pay 10% for each project to cover their administration

    Genoveva Barsanti

    APAER Coordinator & liaison officer for rural schools in Chaco who refers CDUK to other area administrators within APAER & vital trusted contacts

    Juan Carlos - Agronomist

    Consultant on soils, species, trees, seeds etc. most suitable for the areas in which we work which can vary dramatically

    Susana Gezzi

    CDUK Chairman's assistant and translator on important occassions & CDUK's Database coordinator for Grant Making Trusts

Water at school 162 Chaco

Water at school 162 Chaco


gives a school with a well an orchard

Some of the teachers work day and night and through their holidays to try to help the children learn

Genoveva Barsanti