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We will make practical / relevant online support more easily & readily available to people facing alcohol, drug & gambling issues at their point of need. Building on our existing website, we plan to incorporate new facilities to offer a range of beneficiary interactivity & self help opportunities.

April 2011 - March 2012

Charity information: Aquarius

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  • Need


    People not accessing the support they need: Our work has demonstrated that self help / peer support play a key part in the successful recovery of people trying to address the harm caused by substance misuse, however, it is recognised that many people struggling with addiction will not seek help for many reasons, eg fear of stigma / alienation. Also, those who have begun their recovery journey are not always able to access the post clinical support needed to sustain their abstinence / control.


    It will break down barriers & help address a very real need by providing easy and confidential access to a range of information, advice guidance, practical help & peer support for individuals who are often isolated, lonely and struggling. The site will provide online help, support & access to peer forums and chat rooms that will enable beneficiaries to openly discuss their difficulties and successes with people facing similar challenges, sharing their experiences with empathy & encouragement.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Develop new & existing services, i.e. live forums, workshops, chat rooms & links to other agencies..


    » April 2011: Create development plan: including defining products, outcomes, priorities, timescales etc.
    » April 2011:Define responsibilities Identify / confirm resources required
    » April 2011: Task / brief personal and implement plan
    » April: Commence development; improve relevance, appeal & ease of use, new self-help section, real life experiences / case studies / videos & events

    What success will look like

    Success will be...The physical development of new online services

    Aim 2

    Implement services, providing information, guidance & support through peer to peer interaction


    » May 2011: Establish bench marks and current data starting points
    » June 2011: Implement marketing and pre-launch promotional strategy
    » July 2011: Launch first phase of new online services
    » September 2011: Launch second phase of new services July 2011 & On-going Monitor implementation and uptake figures

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Online evidence of the implementation of new services

    Aim 3

    To increase the number of people who use / benefit from the web site


    » May 2011: Set bench marks and current data starting points
    » June 2011 & On-going - Continue implementation of marketing / promotional strategy
    » June 2011 & On-going - Monitor number of page views

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Statistical evidence of an increase in the number of hits on the website from the current

    Aim 4

    Increase numbers accessing support & addressing the harm caused by substance misuse via the web site


    » June2011: Set bench marks and current data starting points
    » July 2011 & on-going - Identify and establish appropriate tracking mechanisms
    » July 2011 & on-going - Monitor referrals from site
    » August 2011 & on-going - Monitor practitioner caseloads via website referrals

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Increased levels accessing services, beneficiary feedback & practitioner case files

  • Impact


    More people will be addiction free: people will access help, whether seeking information, making their first tentative steps towards their recovery journey or motivating / empowering them to maintain the abstinence / control they have achieved. Demonstrated by: People successfully addressing the harm caused, Those accessing new online services, Additional hits on the web, Number seeking practitioner treatment via the web, People entering the treatment process via the web, Referrals to agencies


    Main risk: not attracting people to the services. We will mitigate this by ensuring promotional activities reach a wide audience via our involvement in network and partnership forums & ensuring that services are publicised in a wide range of outlets including: libraries, doctor’s surgeries, health centres, hospitals, schools, employers and communality venues and outreach locations such as community centres, moms and toddlers groups and the UK on Line / learndirect digital inclusion networks.


    We monitor activity weekly & monthly, evaluating progress towards defined outcomes and objectives and we produce monthly / quarterly reports reflecting achievements against outcomes & timescales. Quarterly reports, or more frequently if required, would be sent to Antigone

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £26,670

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,022 Project management management/admin/datacapture etc
      £10,000 Personnel & resources Online service development
      £6,648 Personnel & resources Online service implementation
      £2,000 Project evaluation Evaluation and dissemination
  • Background


    We deliver across the West Midlands; however we believe that this service will have national impact. Although differing locations, they have many things in common, i.e. unemployment, isolation & exclusion.


    Our clients literally come from all walks of life, cultures, circumstances and backgrounds. This includes people with disabilities, those facing mental health issues, carers and families, young people, ex offenders and people over 50. The common factor amongst beneficiaries is their addictive behaviour and the harm caused to themselves and their families. 70% of beneficiaries are male and 30% female, with a large proportion being economically inactive and benefit dependent.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are a leading provider of drug & alcohol interventions in the Midlands. Beginning work in the alcohol field in 1977, our work has grown enormously and now provide support through a team of over 200 people. Our mission is to help individuals and communities address the problems they face arising from addictive behaviours, reducing harm either to themselves or others.
    Through our work, we have identified a clear opportunity to make our website more productive in supporting our mission.

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    Annette Fleming

    Our CEO and visionary who will be leading the project; has spent 25 years delivering high quality support to people in disadvantaged circumstances.

    Nick Wass

    Has led the development of our ICT capabilities for 18 months. He is dedicated to providing the best possible service to the people whom we serve.

    Justin Davy

    Has a passion for web design. He is 24 and excited about the opportunity to take our website onto a new level of effectiveness and professionalism.

    Edward Matthews

    Joined the team via the Future Skills programme. Experienced in IT and system development, he looking forward to being involved in this new challenge.