Project information


To build a new Eco HQ on a site where we have rundown toilets, no winter training cover and wooden classrooms. This will give the local community a place where young people can learn new skills, become team leaders, gain confidence at the same time as gaining life long qualification.

3 months


  • Need


    This project is in a rural part of the Norfolk Broads with local sport/learning and youth clubs facilities rapidly disappearing. Traveling to areas where course might be held proves difficult due to lack of transport and the financial means of many local people. Jobs are few and far between especially for our young people. They have problems getting the life experiences and qualifications to take them forward due to being a rural community.


    With this new HQ we will be able to offer more young people the chance to gain ,not only sport qualifications in relating to water bourne activities, but skills that they will be able to take on to future employment e.g. BETEC and Duke Of Edinburgh. We will also be able to offer adult RYA and BCU qualifications to young and old alike. This will lead to more chance of obtaining jobs whether local or nationwide for our young people and also encourage more sport and healthy activities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Give young people a place that is run proffesionally and will encourage them to develop themselves.


    » Become a RYA & BCU then the exsiting training for canoes, kayaks, sailing, power boat and rowing can be extended to include qualifications.
    » Get more volunteer staff qualified in land based activities which includes physical activities such as Experdition training and P.E.
    » Encourage our young people to develop and pass on their skills by leadership courses including BTEC and D.O.E awards.

    Success will be a increase of Cadets to 100 the first year and volunteer staff number. Involving other units within East Anglia appox 500 cadets.

    Aim 2

    Develope a local community facility which will be used by local clubs and organisations.


    » Within the plans of the new building will be including training rooms, kitchen, showers and disabled faclities. This building will be rented out.
    » The cadets will have open evenings to promote the unit facilities and training programes. Local business, councillors and schools will be invited.
    » Letters will be sent out to local organisations describing our facilities and promoting the qualifications and activiites we will be able to offer.

    Success will be to have other organisations using our facilities which will include young and old alike so creating a working programe of users.

    Aim 3

    To create a centre that will improve the visual effect of the quay side of Beccles Broads area.


    » By building a visual improved building that will be eco friendly in heating and electricity and local community friendly.

    Success will be the finish building and the public relations that will be developed from the overall appearance of this new facility

  • Impact


    To firmily establish the Sea Cadets in the community of Beccles. More young people becoming cadets this in turn will fullfill the need for a facility for 10 to 18yrs olds. Helping them gain confidence and give them a foothold to future careers within local companies and organisations. The unit will be proactive in approaching all local outlets for careers oppurtunities. Giving a new facilitiy for general public use in relation to other organisations who have already approached us.


    Long term sustainability. We are already an established organisation for 40 yrs and all the necessary Trustees/ committee, staff and procedures are firmly in place. The unit is completely self funding and again have an established income. A business plan has been developed along with a reserve policy and costing plan for the next 3 yrs. The major risks is financial and with the above we have addressed this issue.
    The overrun of project cost. We have full costed tenders from 3 builders.


    A project manager has already been sorted and they will report the process of the new build. All procedures are in place for the running of our unit and we will produce a 12 monthly report as to how we are progressing in our objectives.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500,000 NEW H.Q. Complete cost from start to finish of the new builinging

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    SIR JOHN FISHER FOUNDATION £50,000 Conditional
    BECCLES HELPING HANDS £10,000 Guaranteed
    YOUTH OPPORTUNITY FUND £4,000 Guaranteed
    MARINE SOCIETY AND SEA CADETS £10,000 Guaranteed
    OUR OWN RAISING £10,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Beccles is rural Norfolk Broads Town. The new building will be near to the popular tourist area of Beccles Quay. The area around Beccles including Lowestoft and Yarmouth is very much a rural area lacking in many facilities especially for young people. To get to Norwich is a nearly a hrs bus travel and at this present time we only have a very limited service for trains to London. The summer trade of tourism is not enough to keep people in permant jobs and so incomes are low.


    Not only will young people benefit but with the knowledge they gain and use of the Norfolk Broads they will help keep this area alive. This is very much a waterbourne activitiy area and local pleasure craft owners will be encouraged to gain qualifications much needed for health and safety issues relating to boating. To have a well used facility will encourage more volunteers and community events.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are a established Cadet Force in Beccles, linked to a National organisation ,and many recent goverment reports have rated the Corp highly in achievment relating to the facilities and activities we offer young people. We know we can progress with new facilities and have all the necessary backing to do this. We offer a great organisation to young people and have a good working relationship with the local community we just need this building to continue this good work as lacking space.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.



    CHAIRPERSON. Run the Unit Management Committee and which is made up of 11 members. All the members are Trustees and are totally committee volunteers

    Joe Meadows

    Commanding Officer. Joe has recently taken over as CO after being District Officer for many years. He is a very experience member fo the Corp

    Captain Keith Loffstadt

    Treasurer. Keith is Treasure for the unit( also a instructor ) and has a great deal of experience also being a company director in the public sector.


    All members , both committee and uniform staff, are committed to the proffesional running of Beccles Sea Cadets

Site for new building

Site for new building


1 weeks off shore training on Royalist