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Freedom from Violence in the Family

Empowering single parents to achieve freedom from violence in the family and take take stepping stones to recovery including building self-esteem, supporting emotional needs of children, overcoming depression, life coaching, building positive social and community networks, and realising ambitions.

January 2014 - December 2016

Charity information: Single Parent Action Network

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  • Need


    In 2011 we placed the Freedom Programme on SPAN's site empowering parents to overcome violent relationships. Since that time we have seen an overwhelming surge in the numbers of mothers with experience of violence accessing the site as well as a small number of fathers who have partners with mental health/drink/drug alcohol problems. Parents need help in not only breaking the cycle of violence, but in rebuilding family life in their own and children's best interests.


    Parents in isolated situations across the UK, both leaving and having left abusive relationships will undertake their own stepped programme to recovery on www.onespace. org: this includes counseling, parenting support, legal advice, life-coaching, In the process they will be in a stronger position to make improvements in their psychological and physical health, their social interactions and relationships and in their support for their children’s heath, happiness and future development.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduce isolation, panic, and self-doubt: improve mental health, confidence and self-esteem


    » Single parents supported in accessing on-line empowerment courses on stress management and self-assertiveness courses
    » On-going on-line support 24/7 from single parents who have been through the problems and come through to live happier healthier lives

    Success will be parents record improved confidence, health and self-esteem in interviews and on-line

    Aim 2

    Parents break the intergenerational cycle of violence and abuse


    » Single parents with experience of domestic violence access the empowering on-line Freedom Programme
    » Therapeutic advice from experienced counsellors including support for the parenting of children with experience of violence and abuse

    Success will be at least 1000 more parents signing up to the on-line Freedom Programme and record improvement in violence free households

    Aim 3

    Families strengthen positive social and community networks


    » Families join SPAN member family self-help groups in disadvantaged areas of the country
    » On-going friendship on-line with strategies for moving forward in life

    1000 families report new positive friendships and volunteering/involvement in local family/community groups

    Aim 4

    Children lead happier healthier lives


    » Parenting support on-line in supporting children's emotional needs, setting boundaries, liaising with schools etc
    » Children enjoy new family fun activities in their area of the country

    Parents record less emotional and behavioural problems with children, and increased sociability and attendance at school

  • Impact


    Intergenerational family violence will reduce. Parents and children will improve their life chances. Parents will be more likely to move forward into education, volunteering and employment.
    Quantitative and qualitative base-line information will be collected detailing demographics, including age, ethnicity, work status, health etc. Pre and post questionnaires will measure outcomes, and progression routes.


    Risk 1: Fail to involve parents with experience of violence in the Freedom Programme and step by step support services
    Risk Management: Violence and abuse the top identified reason for parents accessing the One Space site.
    Risk 2: Parents remain stuck in an emotional/behavioural loop
    Risk management: A stepped programme will take parents through different stages. 1. The Freedom Programme. 2. 121 therapeutic and parenting support. 3. Legal advice. 4. Life coaching. 5. Self-help groups


    Six monthly reports will outline progress with a final report on overall successes, challenges and how addressed. Quantitative and qualitative monitoring will include details from questionnaires, analytics etc tracking user profiles, demographics, progression routes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £100,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £16,800 Freedom Programme On-line facilitator for up 1000 parents
      £16,800 Advice and counseling On-line therapeutic 121 support
      £12,000 Peer group support Moderators to ensure safeguarding
      £10,400 Life coaching course Life Coaching facilitator
      £20,000 5 Step violence free programme Development of on-line resource
      £24,000 Self-help groups Support for 24 self-help groups
  • Background


    The project will support single parents in disadvantaged areas across the country in cities, peripheral estates, towns and rural areas in England. 12 different geographical regions/nations will be targeted - East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorks and Humber, East England, North East, North West, South East, South West, London, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales


    Single parents accessing SPAN's One Space site with experience of violence/abuse, with low self-esteem and emotional problems. Many will be socially isolated on low income in areas where there are few groups and limited opportunities including rural areas and peripheral estates. Some children/young people will be modeling abusive behaviour witnessed in the family. The 5 step programme will support parents in addressing teenage violence. They will benefit from safer happier households

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    SPAN, established in 1990 under the European Poverty Programme, has a successful track record across the country combating single parent poverty and isolation. We develop integrated services that motivate parents to improve their own and their children's lives, including a high percentage of families with experience of violence. We deliver the highly regarded Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme and the One Space web portal with 300,000 unique hits per year.

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    Susan Wilson

    On-line Parent Support Manager -

    Tove Samzelius

    Family and Study Centre Director

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