Project information

Destiny School - Lusaka, Zambia

To provide quality education, grd 1-12, to children too poor to attend government schools. To build new classrooms with laboratory, library, workshops and ICT suite. Extending the successful grade 1-9 work up through grade 12.

May 2008 - October 2015

Charity information: Woodspring Christian Trust

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  • Need


    Children who cannot afford a school uniform and shoes are not permitted to attend the government schools. Due to HIV/AIDS there are many orphans being looked after by extended family members and in the poorest areas of Lusaka the family income is insufficient to provide for all these children. Many intelligent and willing children go uneducated. We have proven that many of these children can excel in education starting to transform the community. The problem is worse in rural areas.


    Destiny school currently provides education to grade 9 entry examination. After this students have to go to government schools but can afford the uniform and shoes. We have shown we provide a better education than the government schools and want to extend this through to grade 12. Thus giving our students access to higher paid jobs and careers leading to community transformation.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide Grd 9-12 eduction to 200 HIV/AIDs orphans a year in a poor area of Lusaka


    » Build 5 new classrooms, with laboratory, library, workshops and ICT suite
    » Equip these rooms with books, laboratory equipment, computers and workshop tools.
    » Train teachers to use facilities effectively

    What success will look like

    Success will be...95% retention rate grd 9-12. 90% students pass grd 12. 70% those passing grd 12 go to college. By 2013 community identifies improvements education has brought.

  • Impact


    The school will be self - funding through the associated enterprises.
    Students will be getting jobs that enable them to access an income beyond the subsistence level. A proportion of students will progress to higher education.
    Teachers will be trained in the school and then be sent on placements to our rural schools, raising the education standards of the rural children.
    There will be increased prosperity in the community and confidence to effect changes in their environment.


    There is a risk that the main person driving the developments moves away from the area. However there are now a number of individuals who are being prepared for taking on leadership roles of aspects of the project. Destiny School is a registered company and is subject to government inspection, ensuring good practice in financial management and accountability.


    Representatives from WCT visit project twice a year. The school will have a website and will publish results and stories of the children each term. A written report from the school governors will be published each term and the Government's inspection reports will be sent to the donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £200,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £160,000 Buildings 5 classrooms, 2 labs 1 library, 2 workshops
      £25,000 Services & fittings doors, windows, electric, water
      £15,000 Furniture and equipment desks, tables, storage, workbenches
  • Background


    Matero is in a densely populated urban slum with over 0.3M living in poverty. HIV/AIDS has ravaged our community so most are on life saving drugs. Severe poverty forces people into immoral behaviors spreading HIV. Most are un-employed and those employed have low incomes of less than K500,000 or £71 pcm. Public schools are over crowded and requires a standard school uniforms and shoes most people are unable to buy. Worst hit are orphans and children coming from very disadvantaged families.


    Education is valued by the community. Many see it as the only way to effect permanent change. With their commitment to education we stand a chance of working with them to establish a culture of learning and of self-help enterprise. Better income removes the need for the sex trade. The apprenticeships based in the school will do that. Where there is hope there is less need for stupefying alternatives of drugs and alcohol. A decrease in drug abuse will also decrease the associated maladies.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    For 6 yrs we have supported the development of Destiny school, its buildings, leadership & teachers, establishing relationships with local leaders and providers whom we have proven to be trustworthy stewards of resources we have given them to date. We work though empowering the local community not doing the work for them ensuring relevance and sustainability. We have invested in local leadership training as we are committed for the long-term in this area. Grade 9 results some of best in Zambia!

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    Peter Kaunda - School Principal And Church Pastor

    Peter leads the school development project and oversees the staffing and standards of the school, liaises with outside agencies and government depts.