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Active Lives

Dorchester YMCA is an activity based centre offering a range of sports for people of all ages and abilities including Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Free running, Yoga and Dance. We also offer family support especially for those who have children or young people with disabilities. However our small 12 x 16 metre sports hall is far too small for the numbers wishing to come and keep fit, and our gymnastics equipment is insufficient for anything other than the most basic recreational sessions.

OUR BIG IDEA is to add a 9 metre extension and an equipment store to our currant sports hall as well as providing a sprung tumble strip and vaulting table for our gymnasts and a floor level trampoline which adults and young people with disabilities can enjoy as much as our able bodied users.

The total cost of our project including VAT, Professional fees and equipment is £240,000 ,of which £65,000 is already raised or promised.

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