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Everyone has something to say about where they live, what they're experiencing, and what they want to see happen. Yet people often feel that they have no voice. We aim to use our model of Community Reporters to create real conversations between communities and agencies.

February 2010 - December 2013

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  • Need


    Improve local voice between residents and agencies in order that they work more effectively in dealing with issue around economic and social inclusion.


    We recognise that Housing Associations are key people in providing reach into communities. We aim to work with their tenants in order to create local Community Reporters who use free or low cost social media in order to release the intelligence and knowledge of the community.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Develop Community Reporters with 5 Housing Associations across the UK.


    » Undertake a Community Reporter training programme with each Housing Association.
    » Establish franchise arrangement with the Housing Association in order to support the transference of knowledge, expertise and skills
    » Produce case studies which highlight good practice
    » Develop the web site in order to improve communication between different housing association tenants and their communities

    What success will look like

    Develop 50 tenant community reporters and produce 150 pieces of social media content on local community issues. Attract a further 2 Housing Association into the programme.

  • Impact


    A measured improvement in people's experience of living in their community and their ability to communicate more effectively with their housing provider and the agencies in the community in order to improve public services. This will be achieved through an independent evaluation carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University


    Lack of interest from Housing Associations We currently have a partnership of over 20 organisations who have expressed interest in the community reporter’s programme of which 6 our housing associations. Of these 5 have expressed an interest in more actively working with us. We have a further 4 enquires from other association currently in our sales pipeline


    Quarterly reports will be sent to the donor which will list qualitative and quantative information. A focus group of Housing Associations will be arranged on annual bases which the funder will be invited too. all content will be placed on the web for funders to look at.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £55,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 Legal advice Advice on copywright and franchisee contracts and
      £40,000 6 CR programme 12 daytraining programme
      £3,000 Staff time Chief Exec/Community Manager/technical
      £4,000 Evalaution Evaualtion report
      £4,000 Material Marketign and traing material
  • Background


    This project will work with 5 Housing Associations who work in the more deprived and excluded communities. These include deprived areas in London, Birmingham and the North West.


    Tenants of the Housing Associations These are mainly residents from deprived or socially excluded communities or groups including unemployed, people with disabilities and mental health issues, members of the BME groups, older people and young people who are not in employment, education or training.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a well established community reporter programme that has been running since 2007. This programme has significant evidence and examples that show that the model works. We acurrently have a market for these services and at least 5 Housing Associations have expressed in interest in establishing a longer terms relationship with us.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Gary Copitch

    Chief Executive of the organisation. Gary will take the lead in negotiation with the Housing Association and establishing the franchise arrangement

    Teresa Wilson

    Community manager: She has detailed knowledge on the Community Reporter programme and the current work with Housing Associations

    Professor Chris Fox

    Board member: Chris specialises in evaluating impact and is a Professor of evaluation at Manchester Metropolitan University

    Peter Lord

    Peter is our technical web expert and will work on the project supporting the redevelopment of the web site

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