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Edges TV - Christian responses to social issues

The Edges TV and webTV programs look at pressing social & lifestyle issues from a positive Christian worldview perspective. Series 8 of these award-winning mag-documentary programs once again tackles issues that will shape the future for families, communities & nations.

March 2011 - February 2012

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  • Need


    In age of rapid social & technological change, many people struggle to keep up with the pace of change. They want answers as to what change will mean for them and their families. Edges TV takes a different look at present & future change, from the perspective of a positive Christian worldview, & asks important questions about how we can move forward without losing sight of the values & ethics that have made our cultures strong.


    Edges TV provides discussion on a wide range of pressing social issues, providing expert views, powerful interviews with people at the forefront of change, and opportunities for the audience to respond & dialogue about the subjects at hand, via a designated website. (Already, more than 80 x 30 minute documentaries have been seen in more than 120 nations of the world.) This is Christian mission with a BIG difference - & Christian TV as you've NEVER seen it before!

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide positive Christian worldview perspectives on pressing social & lifestyle issues.


    » Series 8 of Edges will comprise 6 x 30 min, world-class documentaries on a wide range of issues that shape our age, made to the highest TV standards

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Emails & Web comments from audience members who've been enabled to think through an issue with new confidence & to perhaps see Christianity in a different light.

    Aim 2

    To educate people of Christian faith in what their faith might rationally say to key issues.


    » Edges not only provides a unique TV experience, which is both educational & entertaining; it also provokes small-group discussion via DVD & webcasting

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Christians having the confidence to engage w/ mainstream debate without feeling that what they offer is inferior - but without cliched, simplistic responses.

    Aim 3

    To provide an access point for dialogue on issues, for people of other faiths or no faith.


    » The Edges style is thought-provoking but not unnecessarily confrontational. It engages thinking ppl around the issues & welcomes their conclusions.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Emails & comments from audience members who don't agree with conclusions reached in a program, yet appreciate being invited to think about it in a fresh way.

  • Impact


    1. A different response from Christians to the issues that shape our age - perhaps less cliched and better thought through. Shown through more robust (positive) contributions from Christians into mainstream debate.
    2. More awareness among people of other faiths or no faith as to a Christian worldview. Shown through increased engagement w/ local churches or Christian individuals.
    3. Different Christian engagement in media. Shown through other producers following the Edges lead


    Lack of understanding of Edges ethos & approach among broadcasters. Over the years, Edges has been seen on mainstream platforms as well as independent faith-based ones, but there is still a challenge to educate both into this 'cross-over' form of programming. We have had some success with both, by pursuing the highest production values, plus well researched content & an interesting format.


    Donors to Edges series 8 will receive a monthly update via email, plus updates online, plus any special releases that relate to Edges - e.g. press or media releases.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Pre-Production Locations, content research, guest research & planning, script preparation, planning mtgs,
      £6,000 Production Camera hire, lighting, audio, crew, location fees, transport
      £3,000 Post-Production Off-line & on-line edit, graphic production, balancing, equipment, film stock
      £1,000 Broadcast Liason Contract formation, distribution, follow up
      £2,500 Webcasting Formatting for webcast, upload & maintenance, design, preparation & management of site materials
  • Background


    Edges series 8 will be filmed mainly in southern England, in locations fitted to the subject matter.


    The programs will be seen by a wide variety of people through an already established group of mainly independant, non-profit broadcasters in such regions as: UK, Europe, Australasia, Indonesia, Scandinavia, some cities in the USA. The programs are aimed at a 25-45 age demographic, but are already widely accessible to audiences outside that range.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have already produced seven complete series of these magazine documentaries over a period of 13 years and have built a committed audience in many regions of the world, but particularly in the UK and Europe. The programs won a prestigious People's Choice award (news, current affairs) at the National Religious Broadcasters event in the USA in 2004.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mal Fletcher

    Exec Producer, Head Writer, Host, more than 25 years of experience as broadcaster & commentator - both independent & mainstream (e.g. BBC, Sky, ABC)

    Rory Springthorpe

    Rory is head of Vivid Broadcast, who will provide much of the production facilities. He is Director of the programs & Co-Producer.

    Stephen Montgomery

    Post-production - including offline & online editing, balancing, processing

    Andrew Sainsbury

    Internet management - including prep of programs for webcasting, design and management of web site & viewer involvement.

The Human Face of HIV/AIDS - Edges

The EDGES team are effectively reaching the Generation X audience in a way few others have had the talent or foresight to do.

Ben Ferrell, Owner, BMCFerrell Media Marketing