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20/2020 Project

To provide 20 strategic churches with the skills to significantly improve life in 20 Cities by 2020 - through alliances with high-level civic, business and community leaders. Through civic & business leadership events, a strong media & press presence and more.

February 2011 - December 2015

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  • Need


    Many high-level civic leaders are unaware of the unique contribution churches can make to helping them improve their cities. Whilst recognizing the churches' service to the poor, they remain unaware of the huge, creative contribution churches & their members can make in support of business, government, education, media, volunteer services & more. For their part, churches want to do more but often lack the professional skills required to build proactive alliances at this level.


    We will, in cooperation with strategic churches, provide leadership & media events which will enhance the skills of civic leaders, in local/regional government, business, community services and more, helping them to plan for the future development of their city by 2020. (We have proven expertise with such civic events.) We will also provide ongoing consultancy and materials which will enable churches to make a greater contribution to the future development of their cities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To help civic leaders to proactively & strategically engage future change in their cities.


    » Training events for civic leaders & teams, with experienced futurists & leadership experts, to add insight & help them engage future change.
    » Facilitating press & media coverage for issues of major concern to civic leaders, lifting public awareness & involvement in improving city life.
    » Facilitating pragmatic alliances b/n civic leaders & church leaders so that church members become involved in civic & social improvement work.

    What success will look like

    Success will be... Well-supported civic leadership events, strong media response to issues raised & pragmatic alliances built b/n civic & local church leaders for good of city.

    Aim 2

    To help community-focused church leaders to form alliances of service with civic leaders.


    » Training for church leaders, helping them understand the challenges faced by civic leaders (gov, business etc) & build alliances of purpose w/ them.
    » Consultancy for churches re building alliances w/ media, so that their leaders play a positive, proactive role in discussion of social challenges.
    » Training events for civic leaders & teams, hosted by churches & featuring futurists & leadership experts to help leaders engage future change.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Ongoing relationships of trust b/n civic (gov, business, education etc) leaders & major local church leaders, which lead to alliances on specific social projects.

  • Impact


    The project will have been a success if civic leaders are able to better identify the likely challenges & opportunities their cities will face over the next decade & if civic & church leaders can build proactive alliances to meet some of those challenges by working together with common vision & strategies.


    Wariness on the part of civic leaders re church leadership & vice versa. The training events we run, in cooperation with of our sister organization 2020Plus, are focused on the shared social challenges facing civic & community leaders together - with a proactive future focus - & have proven over years in the UK, Europe & beyond, to add great value to both. We have received very positive reports from leadership & their teams & in local media.


    Donors will receive a monthly update on progress via email & an internet site, plus from time to time personal feedback, if desired, from Mal Fletcher, the director of Next Wave International. Donors will also have the opportunity to attend the civic leadership events as VIP guests.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £94,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,000 Host strategy sessions Planning sessions w/ local host church leaders & teams (20 cities).
      £14,000 NWI Admin & promo Consultancy w/ hosts, web & promo, research on local issues, component of office, etc (20 cities).
      £10,000 Training - Church Leaders 2 x training sessions w/ leadership of the host church(es), re building civic alliances (20 cities).
      £5,000 Training - Church Members TRaining day for church members re how they can engage the wider life of their city (20 cities).
      £40,000 Civic Leaders Event World class leadership event for civic leaders, re future opportunities in their city (20 cities).
      £10,000 Media, Press Liason Interviews, releases etc on issues of concern to city, in lead-up to civic leader event.
      £10,000 Other Overheads Wage components, some volunteer expenses
  • Background


    The project will focus on 20 cities in the UK & Europe (mainly northern, central and southern). Some of the host groups have not yet been identified, but we already have a number lined up in both larger & smaller cities. Centres will likely include the following: London (x2), Manchester, Lincoln, Norwich, Stoke-on-Trent, Munich, Zurich, Arhus, Helsinki, Paris & more. We already have strong links in many other cities as a result of 15 years of running leadership networks & summits across Europ


    Given that the project is set over 20 cities, working closely with local community groups & churches in those cities, it is impossible to speak to the specific demographics here. However, host cities are chosen for: 1. diverse mix of people groups 2. challenges faced by rapid urbanization 3. strong presence of very resourceful church groups 4. In some cases high levels of poverty 5. Civic drive for social improvement & long-term strategic planning.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    During more than 15 years of work across Europe, the UK and beyond, we've established a proven track record in leadership development (business, church & other areas), running leadership events (e.g. a network of key church & community leaders covering 15 nations) and media commentary (through Mal Fletcher's social commentary work w/ BBC, Sky and others in Europe). We have also gained a great reputation w/ significant local bodies who've co-hosted our leadership training events of various kinds

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mal Fletcher

    Mal is director of Next Wave Int. & chairman of our sister organisation, the 2020Plus think tank. He is the leader & public face of this project.

    Davina Fletcher

    Davina is the administrator of Next Wave Int. & its travel organizer. She will be closely involved in all logistics.

    Andrew Sainsbury

    Andrew is our web director. His work is of the highest standard. He will oversee the web strategy which is central to coordinating the project.

    Ryan Hoare

    Ryan will be a research asst. helping us identify core issues facing each host city. We also work w/ trained researchers in several countries.

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