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National Outreach and Support Project

City of Sanctuary is a notion that has rapidly spread throughout the UK. To support the towns, cities, regions and even nations that would like to achieve official santuary status a national programme of support including advice, training, materials and web support is needed.

January 2011 - December 2013

Charity information: City of Sanctuary

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  • Need


    Many projects that work with refugees and asylum seekers need greater links with other organisations in the public and private sector to offer a more complete package of support and integration to their clients. City of Sanctuary is an umbrella organisation that seeks to bring together agencies from within and outside the traditional refugee sector in order to create a place of hospitality and welcome for people seeking sanctuary.


    City of Sanctuary's National co-ordinator, web support officer and communications and admin worker will provide trainin g a support to local groups around the country to help with effective networking and communications, in order to support their aim of providing a place of hospitality and welcome for people seeking sanctuary.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To create a culture of hospitality and welcome for people seeking sanctuary in the UK


    » Local and National events to share best practice among City of Sanctuary advocates and to discuss new ways to extend our message of hospitality
    » A website and use of social media to spread our message to service users, service providers and interested members of the public
    » National etwork meetings to plan training and to share experiences
    » Work with the media to spread our message

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated by the number of people getting involved throughout the UK and the number of pledges the groups receive to uphold the aims of City of Sanctuary

  • Impact


    People seeking sanctuary will replace the term asylum seeker in public and official usage and will help to end the culture of hostility and suspicion towards refugees that has been prevalent throughout the UK in recent years.
    Increasing numbers of towns, cities and places will adopt the ethos of City of Sanctuary and will declare themselves "proud to be a place of safety".


    People may fear that we are preaching to the converted and only engaging people that are already sympathetic to the cause. We address this risk through aranging events and using social and traditional media to reach out to people outside the traditional refugee sector. We also do awareness raising work in collaboration with otehr organisations with similar aims to our own.


    We report to donors by preparing detailed reports within our annual accounts that identify funders and how the money has been spent. we are also looking into creating a page on our website to illustate funds received and how they are used.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £115,685

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      Amount Heading Description
      £73,090 Wage National Co-ordinator
      £19,305 Wage Admin
      £7,690 Wage Website support
      £9,600 Delivery Events, training,publicity & Travel
      £6,000 Core Core costs
  • Background


    THroughout the UK


    People seeking sanctuary will benefit throughout the UK wherever the City of Sanctuary movement is active. Communities will be enriched by the unique networking and joined up working possibilities championed by City of Sanctuary.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    City of Sanctuary is unique in it's positive and welcoming approach to people seeking sanctuary and in our work to bring together people, groups and businesses form all sections of society to help us to spread our message and to create a culture of hospitality and welcome to those seeking sanctuary

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    Inderjit Bhogal

    Inderjit is the chair and cofounder of City of Sanctuary and is an inspiration to groups and individuals throughout the UK with his postive attitude

    Tiffy Allen

    Tiffy is the National co-ordinator and brings together different groups from around the country to share inspiration and good practice

    Mark Neilson

    Mark develops and maintains the website and offers bespoke help to groups thoughout the UK on request

    Katelyn McKeown

    Katelyn is the national comunications and admin worker and is working towards making the charity an exceptional bastion of financial transparancy

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