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Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH)

MYH is a registered charity providing free and confidential, listening and emotional support to young Muslims in need. At the heart of the MYH is a pioneering Helpline which allows young Muslims in distress to seek help through the telephone, online web chat, by email and by letter.

The Helpline is an ongoing project

Charity information: Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH)

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  • Need


    MYH seeks alleviate the emotional distress of young British Muslims by providing relief to those in need, facing hardship and experiencing mental distress. here are some key facts on Muslim youth in the UK:
    • Muslims are disproportionately over-represented in the most deprived urban communities.
    • Muslims are most likely to have never worked or to experience long-term unemployment.
    • Muslim young people aged 16-24 have the highest unemployment rate of all faith Groups.


    Our Helpline aims to positively address these vulnerable and distressed young Muslims, listen to their concerns and offer emotional support and where necessary point them in the right direction. Our helpline volunteers have been trained in these modules; mental health, self harm, sexual abuse, sexuality and relationships. Our vision is to ensure every young Muslim in the UK can find the help they need to overcome social exclusion and have better access to more opportunities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reach out to more young British Muslims


    » Spread the work of MYH and its purpose to more locations across Britain.
    » Acquire a larger amount of publicity resources and excellent marketing strategies.
    » The Advocacy Department is committed to setting up various campaigns, This is done through engagement programmes, competitions and other events.
    » In 2011 MYH will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. There will be a 10 day anniversary charity rally drive; 10 days 10 cities across Britain.

    What success will look like

    Success will be to achieve maximum publicity across Britain. Build awareness amongst young Muslims and empower young minds.

    Aim 2

    Our Mission is to alleviate emotional distress, and provide non-judgemental support.


    » Being available 54 hours a week to provide emotional support to young people who are experiencing despair.
    » Reaching out to high risk groups and communities of young distressed and disaffected people to reduce their isolation and the risk of suicide.
    » Working in partnership with other organisations, agencies and experts to achieve our vision in order to meet the needs of young people.
    » Bridge the gap between young British Muslims and mainstream support services.

    What success will look like

    Success will be to ensure every young Muslim person can find the help they need to overcome social exclusion and have better access to opportunities that create a positive outcome.

  • Impact


    Through achieving our aims, MYH endeavour to maintain high number of incoming calls. Also, to increase public awareness.
    We will demonstrate this success by working hard to decrease number of missed calls in the Helpline from 11,229 in 2008 by at least 30% each coming year. In addition, improve our marketing strategies through our sister company and via media interviews.


    There is a risk that volunteers may sometimes not have the relevant mentoring skills to cope with difficult cases. We have dealt with this by providing in house supervisors who are ready to take a lead position in any unpredictable situations.


    We will report to donors through letters, email and the monthly donor newsletter. In addition we will also send them updates on the organisation and the project including the Annual Report and an invitation to attend the AGM.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £96,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Telephone lines Free phone costs and maintenance
      £40,000 Helpline Activity Providing support to 10,000 young people a year
      £20,000 Training Training volunteers that each help 80 young people
      £6,000 Governance Maintaining a professional and well organised charity
      £9,000 Website Running free web-chat service and ensuring regular updates on site
      £15,000 Community engagement projects Holding 3 community engagement projects a year

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Charitable Organisations £45,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We run a national Helpline Service for your people aged between 16 – 24, with a focus on ensuring young British Muslims get the help they need. Most of the areas that young people call us from tend to be the most deprived inner city areas of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Yorkshire and Humber. Young British Muslims are more likely to have poorer outcomes compared to other faith groups, including no faith communities and the general population.


    Young people under 25 years old with a focus on British Muslims.
    All young individuals who seek emotional support and a non-judgemental viewpoint, or even just a shoulder to lean on.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    MYH is one of a kind and unique in its service. It has been running for almost 10 years and increasingly growing. Initially in 2001 it was founded as a youth forum created by young people to respond to the social problems endured by young Muslims. Till today this base principle has not changed and MYH is running strong.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Milad Ahmed

    Head of Support Services: organising a collection of listening and outreach services that aim to provide young Muslims with the support they require.


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