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AfriKids Family Income Generation

Ensuring families can generate enough income to meet their basic needs is one of the key steps to empowerment. AfriKids support for family income generation takes many forms depending on the needs of the individuals and what makes most sense for them in their context.

This project is on going with various time limited projects within.

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  • Need


    Many people in northern Ghana live in extreme poverty. With limited opportunities to gain skills and advance in life families find themselves caught in the poverty trap. With families unable to fend for themselves or give their child an education many children need to work, help on the family farm or end up migrating to southern cities where they face child labour, trafficking and street life. People in northern Ghana live a hand to mouth existence.


    AfriKids support families to generate income through microfinance, this is often linked to a specific objective and we work with wider groups who are organised to work cooperatively. So, if AfriKids pays directly for a service such as a child’s educational needs, it is given alongside a microfinance loan to invest in the family business. We always consult with the family on what kind of income generation support is needed, provide relevant training and follow up with regular monitoring visits.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To empower families and communities to support themselves through microfinance initiatives


    » To financially empower women, blind weavers and parents to become self sufficient
    » To provide microfinance loans and top up grants for up to 200 people
    » To provide children and families with goats for breeding
    » To monitor families and children through regular visits

    This is an ongoing project. AfriKids collects both qualitative and quantitative data to record progress and our successes.

  • Impact


    Our microfinance initiatives are designed to empower communities to support themselves and have achieved extremely high repayment rates. We also have ethical trade initiatives such as shea butter export made possible because AfriKids have been working through microfinance and business planning programmes since 2005. In the long run family income generation initiatives will promote community integration, help people set up businesses and ensure local people are able to develop a credit history.


    Life in Upper East Ghana is fragile so children’s rights are always at risk. Unforeseen circumstances economically, socially and environmentally can be devastating for a child and the entire family. Situations such as illness or death within a family or a flood can destroy the balance. So, AfriKids have a flexible approach to planning budgets meaning we can respond to changing needs and ensure that our support is directed to those who need it most at the time.


    AfriKids’ donors receive regular and detailed feedback on how their donations are spent to demonstrate the impact it has had. We also produce a monthly newsletter detailing forthcoming activities, an annual report and welcome visits to Ghana.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Microfinance Support For example, loans and top up grants for up to 200 people
      £5,000 Monitoring For example, fieldworkers monitoring and supporting microfinance beneficiaries
  • Background


    AfriKids work in the Upper East Region (UER) because statistically 70% of the people live in extreme poverty compared to 11% in Accra. We have committed to investing time and resources into making real fundamental change to the society and economy of one region. Whilst Ghana has shown itself to the international community as a shining light in Africa, the UER is significantly lagging behind in comparison to southern regions.


    Our focus is to work with children who are extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged because of issues such as extreme poverty and harmful cultural beliefs. We work with their families and communities to ensure that the care and support we provide is long lasting.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our work is genuine development from the grass roots up. We adopt a holistic approach in supporting each child which means we also work with their families to tackle the root causes of suffering. Most importantly we listen to the communities and empower them to deliver change; they truly understand the complex issues in their communities. In the words of Cletus Anaaya, Head of Core Projects, AfriKids Ghana-“AfriKids are the people, the people are AfriKids”.

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    AfriKids Ghana

    100% of project staff are Ghanaians; our projects are locally owned by people that live and work in their communities and know the solutions.