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Therapies and Counselling

HIV is a massive illness to learn to cope with. It is an illness that is attached to much stigma and taboo, faces discrimination and ignorance and has to be controlled with multiple strong drugs which have an adverse range of side effects. Therapies provide well deserved me time for our clients.

Hopefully this wil be an ongoing project at Trebullom.

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  • Need


    Having HIV or being affected by it, has a massive emotional impact. It is common to feel fear (including fear of dying), concern about what others will think, shame, guilt, anger and embarrassment. These feelings can carry on for some time after diagnoses, or return again and again. This can make life very difficult and stressful aggravating a person's mental health and emotional well-being, which ultimately can worsens the person HIV.


    We want to provide counselling and therapy sessions, including yoga, to those clients wishing to stay with us at our new national respite centre and also for our existing clients in Cornwall. Many people find complementary therapies, such as zero balancing and massages, can relieve some of the emotional distress, helping to calm and relax the client and make them feel stronger in faces the daily issues that surround HIV.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide one free session for all clients wishing to stay with KPS at Trebullom.


    » We will advertise our services in hospital magazines, our own extensive mail-outs and on our comprehensive website.
    » One day a week will be set aside for therapies and counselling only, with no other trips or outside activities planned.
    » We will provide a range of services to please a wide range of people and to draw in business, which will help us become self-sufficient.

    Success will be seen in large numbers of bookings and interest in our respite centre. It will also be measured by client and their referrer's feedback.

  • Impact


    After three months we will be asking our clients for a further feedback form to see if their stay at Trebullom has helped them in the long term. This could include feeling confident enough to find work, get the correct benefits, or feeling self-confident enough to disclose their status to family and friends and make new relationships.

    We also hope visitor numbers to the respite centre will increase by offering therapy sessions and help us become self-sufficient.


    1. We will not have many people staying at Trebullom. However, we have done extensive mail-outs to hospitals, doctors, HIV clinics and HIV charities across the country. We are already receiving enquiries even though we are not scheduled to open until the 4th of Feb.

    2. We will not have uptake of therapies. However the idea of the respite centre is to relax and have a break from the everyday. From talks with our clients, therapies are very much wanted and needed.


    We would be wiling to file a report on our services to donors so that the work they fund is clear and transparent. KPS Trebullom will also hold meetings every 2 months regarding progress of the project, of which minutes can be distributed.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £16,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,400 Sessional Worker Fees KPS pay £25 per session, we hope to have at least 416 clients in our first year of service.
      £4,800 Travel Costs We pay 35p per mile for volunteer and sessional workers.
      £800 Admin Costs Printing, filling and misc. costs.
  • Background


    Trebullom is a Grade II listed farmhouse, in Alternun, near Launceston in Cornwall. It is a very secluded spot. This is essential as many HIV positive people fear recognition or association with the illness. We want people to feel safe, secure and comfortable during their stay with us, without worry of harassment or dismissal. We feel that the location is perfect as it is quiet, off-the-beaten-track and tranquil.


    All who stay will benefit from this project, leaving us feeling relaxed and refreshed. The project will help bring wealth into the area as we will be using local therapists, creating new, continuous business for them. In addition, the project will draw in extra clients as therapies will be an added bonus and reason to stay with KPS, therefore this will also bring in extra wealth and income into the region, as we will also be taking the clients out on trips to local attractions.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only HIV charity based in Cornwall. The only other HIV specific respite centre is located in North Wales and is difficult to get to. The nearest train station is Bodmin, which is only a 4 hour ride away from London. The respite centre has been a dream and ambition since our charity first began, now it is becoming reality, we want to make it the best it can possibly be.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    David Solly

    David is the founder and chair of Trustees for KPS and is the driving force behind all we do, having had HIV for 25 years.