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Project information

Spread the Word: VF Communication and Education

To photograph is to draw with light a real image on a light sensitive area. The Big Idea is to make people from a local community to draw what is happening around them, without any concern for the outcome; it is to leverage connections and relations in a community, it is to create a self-portrait.

Every weekend during a month: between April and June; and between September and November.

Charity information: Viewfinder Photography Gallery

Viewfinder Photography Gallery logo
  • Need


    Viewfinder has been showcasing the work of emerging and established photographers, since 2005, in the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark and Lambeth, while providing workshops that benefit the host community. The hitch is in how to bring the life portraits that VF has been delivering to these individuals? How to reach wider audiences to issues on their own back yard? While at the same time to nurture these people and make them involved in making portraits of their costumes and habits.


    Through workshops and other events working on a local level, VF will aim to make major improvements to its website and other online mediums of communication, to create synergies and educational galleries reflecting on the community development and increasing understanding of their on living community. Donations will help to open this channel of communication and education while reaching and attracting new audiences into the photography practice.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase communication to reach new audience and improve education programmes


    » VF project aims to increase communication with a particular community and improve the need for education programmes by the hosting community.
    » Dialogues between people external to the community and the hosting community to better understand the concept of self-portrait on a cultural level
    » Through drawing find a way to bring people into the practice of photography.

    What success will look like

    Increase in participation in visual art practice, visits to museum and historical sites, and contacting with related issues through collateral platforms such as online information.

  • Impact


    More people will know about visual arts practice. They will contribute to the recognition of valuable initiatives to promote mutual understanding among cultures through arts; have a more broad literacy about when visiting exhibitions and considering the different themes within it; and to the hosting community it will provide better interpretation of their living heritage, engage in and participate more easily in intercultural understanding.


    More people will know about visual arts, in general, and Viewfinder, in particular. On the long-term these changes would impact on the opportunities artists and practitioners have in having their work been seen, and community life been enriched. VF website would need to be improved and become more communication efficient.


    VF programme can demonstrate success by surveying exhibitors regarding the outcome of their exhibitions. VF can also obtain feedback from workshop participants regarding their experience. As well as create special events to thank back the donors for their support.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,080

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      Amount Heading Description
      £150 ExpressionEngine Non-commerical ExpressionEngine license and software add ons
      £250 Mailing List Plan Yourmailinglistprovider annual plan, x 2 years
      £200 Flag, poster, A Board Flag with Viewfinder Logo, A Board, and poster sign for pop-up exhibitions
      £100 SLAM Subscription South London Art Map annual subscription to be included on printed map and web listing
      £180 Web hosting Solid Rock website hosting 2 years (gold plan £90 per year)
      £200 Leaflets, cards Viewfinder postcards and leaflets for exhibitions, workshops, general gallery info
  • Background


    Viewfinder radically changed its approach to hosting exhibitions and delivering events. It closed its physical gallery. This offers exciting opportunities: expanding and building on innovative events and programmes, curate occasional pop-up exhibitions in stimulating venues, and developing a leading website to provide an online home for art photography. A virtual platform, which will become the focal point for appreciating and enjoying art photography.


    These include Viewfinder’s exhibitors (primarily emerging photographers), creative kick-start workshop participants, supporters and online followers, but essentially those who may not be able to physically visit a gallery, a museum or an historical place in the Brixton, Lambeth and London communities, for instance. Those interested in photography and contemporary art, students and educators, and Viewfinder members.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    VF has a commitment to showing work of emerging and established photographers. Being a space that is open to all. Since its inception, VF has effectively reached out to the local community, forging new relationships, developing projects and promoting discussion. Recent creative workshops (2008 – 2011) were fully booked (funded by Grassroots Grants award). Any funding would enable the VF to sustain its innovative programme of creative workshops, and to continue its programme of community outreach

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rui Cepeda

    Programme Manager (General Manager and Events Co-ordinator) [Volunteer]

    Louise Downham

    Viewfinder’s Chair of Trustees

    Karen Roe

    Communications Manager [Volunteer]

    Stephanie Warrick

    Website Manager [Volunteer]

Really enjoyed the workshop. I definitely learned a lot, and am starting to interact a bit more when taking photos in the street.

Anonymous Workshop Participant