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Project Landslide

we urgently need to rehouse a family who are currently living on a landslide area close to the river in a village in Cambodia.The land has already fallen once in the monsoon rains and dropped the toilet down 10 metres from the back end of the house.The family live in fear and do not sleep well.

Once we have the money we can complete everything in 2 months.

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Shining Light
  • Need


    The main problem is that this family has no money and no land.The father was shot in the head by the khmer rouge in 1981 and left for dead,just because he was a teacher.His wife was shot in the back shielding their baby son.The bullet was later removed and the father now has epilepsy and cannot teach.They make a little money cooking and selling snacks by the side of the road.They live in fear of the next landslide.We are in a race against time and the weather.


    We will buy land away from the river in the same village and also close to the road so they can still have a little business selling food.We will build them a traditional khmer home and provide bedding and basic furniture.They will also be able to grow their own vegetables and become self sufficient in feeding themselves and their family.They cannot do this in their present circumstances.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a safe living environment for the family so they don't have to lie awake in fear at night


    » Buy land away from the river.
    » Build a house.

    Success will be...when they move away from the river and do not need to fear the monsoon rains anymore.That will be an instant success.

    Aim 2

    to help the family become more self-sufficient in their lives.


    » Buying the land will enable them to grow vegetables and feed their family and sell any extra in the market.They have no land to do this at present.

    Success will be...when they are growing their own vegetables and have enough to feed themselves and sell the surplus in the market,and use the money to buy rice.

    Aim 3

    To improve the mental health of the family.


    » By moving them away from the landslide area,we hope to transform their lives and take away the mountain of stress that they live with every day.

    Success will be...when they move away from the dangers they currently live with every day and night,for them it will be like moving from darkness into light.The stress will be gone

  • Impact


    the family will demonstrate the success of this project by living happy and fulfilled lives.They have always lived with quiet,patient dignity but up until now they have never known happiness in their hearts.One day,when they feel this,they will tell me,and i will know that my project has been a success.


    The main risk we have is not getting the money in time.The land will fall,that is for certain.What we don't know is when.That is why we have to do this quickly


    I have photos now of the conditions the family lives in,and i have documented this as thoroughly as i can.I am happy to share these photos with any and all donors,as well as the photos we will take when the project has been completed and the family is living in their new home.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,950

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Land enough for a house plus space to grow vegetables and fruit
      £2,800 the house this includes the cost of concreting under the house (a traditional khmer house)
      £600 furniture basic needs such as bed,cupboard,tv, plus the cost of connection to the local electricity
      £550 kitchen and toilet external to the house and built in traditional khmer style
  • Background


    a village called Slarkram in the north of Cambodia about 30 minutes from the city of Battambang,out in the countryside down dirt roads.


    the aformentioned family will benefit,but when anything positive happens in the village like this,it interests and excites many people,who come from afar to see the work in always impressed at how friends and neighbours are genuinely happy for the people we have helped in the past,without finding it necessary to ask for anything for themselves.This family is known in the village and people would like to help them but they just don't have the means to do so themselves.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    my charity is best placed to do this because there really isn't anyone else doing anything like this there.most charities work in the cities,further north near Angkor Wat,or south around Phnom Penh.
    Also my main contact and trustee in Cambodia lives in this village and is in charge of running the free English school that we support in there.This means he will hire the builders and oversee the project.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sorm Bunnarat

    Sorm Bunnarat,or Narath as he is known,is my main contact and partner in the charity,and he oversees all the projects that we fund

    Steve Ogles

    i find the money and i choose the projects.often i have had to pay for things myself because we weren't registered before and didn't have much help

The family i want to rehouse

The family i want to rehouse