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Feed Her Mind - Sustenance for Girl Students

This project will provide food, bought or grown on the school campus, so that 200 girl students can eat three meals a day, every day in term time, for the school year. In the current food insecure conditions of South Sudan, your donations will enable these girls to continue learning undisrupted.

February 2018 - December 2018

Charity information: Friends Of Ibba Girls School (FIGS), South Sudan

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  • Need


    Educational attainment in South Sudan is very low, especially for women; by age 15 a girl is likelier to die in pregnancy or childbirth than to complete school. But Ibba Girls School is now enabling girls to continue receiving a good education from age 10 to School Certificate level at age 18. To keep each student safe and able to learn undisrupted, our school is residential, and offers 3 meals a day -- an increasingly difficult task in the current climate of inflation and food insecurity.


    This project will improve the school’s ability to meet the health and nutrition needs of 200 girl students by raising enough funding to 1. Bulk buy food for every student, and to 2. Acquire the equipment and materials to grow and store more food crops on the 73-acre forested school site, increasing the school's food security and creating jobs locally. Thus the girls will be provided with a sufficient and balanced diet, so that they will miss fewer school days, and can focus well on learning.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To feed 200 girl students at Ibba Girls Boarding School 3 meals a day through the 2018 school year.


    » Buy and stockpile food supplies for 200 girl students, using economies of scale and careful advance purchase of non-perishables to get the best prices
    » Hire casual labourers from Ibba village to clear land, and purchase equipment and seeds so staff and students can grow food crops on the school campus
    » Build an additional food store on campus to supplement the existing space, ensuring that food supplies are safely and hygienically stored for use.

    Success will be that every girl student is fed 3 nutritious meals a day, every day that Ibba Girls Boarding School is open through the 2018 school year.

    Aim 2

    To enhance campus security against potential threats in the wider South Sudan context of conflict.


    » Improve school security by adding perimeter fencing, all-weather patrols, and communications via walkie-talkie and emergency satellite telephone.

    Barring major geopolitical, socioeconomic or security shifts, Ibba Girls School will retain its record of staying open for every single day of school through the 3 terms of 2018.

  • Impact


    This project will enable the continued high-quality education of 200 girls in South Sudan, a country with only 2000 girls in Senior 4, the final grade of secondary school, and even fewer graduating with School Certificates. It will give each Ibba student a safe, direct pathway to finish secondary school, paving the way for further education, work and nation-building leadership. The impact will be shown by at least 32 girls graduating each year from 2022, when the first cohort completes Senior 4.


    1. Political instability elsewhere in South Sudan – the school has solid working partnerships with local and state governments, both firmly committed to peace; and also extensive, regularly reviewed 24-hour security
    2. Financial – long-term viability is addressed by a government plan to increase funding over 25 years, and agriculture and income generation projects on 73 acres of fertile land
    3. Reputational – the school has an ‘Excellence not Elitism’ policy, and supports local community project


    If they wish, donors will receive a regular email newsletter with detailed student stories, photos, films, building updates, and reports on the running of the school and the wider South Sudanese context. They will also be invited to our annual meeting, with a chance to skype call students and staff.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £108,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £80,000 Food supplies Cost of food for 200 students in 2018, at £400 per student under current inflationary conditions
      £3,000 Food growing Local labourers' wages to clear land, agricultural tools and seeds (e.g. maize, mangoes, sesame)
      £8,000 Food store construction Building a food store needed as the school grows. Will free up two classrooms for learning
      £17,000 Enhanced security features Fencing, more security guards, torches, rain gear, walkie talkies, emergency satellite phone

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    44 Student Sponsors contributing towards food, among other student costs £8,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The school is in Ibba county, former Western Equatoria state, the only part of South Sudan still deemed food secure (Observer, Apr 2017). In an oil-dependent country seeing the spread of sectarian conflict, the state’s 1.6m mostly Azande leaders and people have avoided conflict, instead pursuing education and economic development. Students are chosen from every county in the state, and national, state and county government leaders, the paramount chief, local clergy and parents support the school


    The 200 girl students at the school in 2018, and at least 1,000 siblings and parents, as students are encouraged to share their learning with family in the school holidays. Subsequently, up to 360 girl students and 50 staff will benefit every year from improved security and food provision.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    FIGS has an in-depth understanding of South Sudan from regular visits and close links with many local stakeholders. Our UK Trustees are experts in establishing systems for school governance and management, financial control, improving teaching quality, and monitoring and evaluation. Our building work uses sustainable principles, and we are forming a teachers’ learning network. These factors position us to develop an excellent girls’ school, and to share knowledge and good practice widely.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Headteacher Richard Aluma

    A well-qualified and experienced South Sudanese headteacher, he manages a committed team of teaching and support staff, and sets school culture.

    School Finance Manager Sonaa Santino

    With a business qualification, and working with FIGS Treasurer Gary, Santino oversees all school purchasing decisions to a high, accountable standard.

    Architect Malcolm Worby

    A well-qualified architect designing the school using green principles, and local materials where possible. Conducts site visits for quality control.

    Hon. Treasurer Gary Bandy

    A UK chartered accountant, he oversees sound financial management systems, with clear audit trails and authorisation lines, in the UK and South Sudan.

Give the girls of South Sudan the power to learn


will pay for a girl student's food for one year.

"I am happier in this school than before; there is no beating. I have books, pens, breakfast, electricity, water. I've learnt about health education."

Helon, one of our first intake of 40 girls