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Project information

Antigone Educational Engagement Programme

To provide high quality educational and practical workshops as support for students in schools, youth groups and higher education focusing on those which are considered to be in disadvantaged areas; by doing this we believe that we will make Theatre and the Classics more accessible to audiences.

February 2018 - May 2018

Charity information: Actors Of Dionysus

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  • Need


    Antigone is on both the OCR and AQA A level GCE syllabus but the provision of practical theatre workshops on the subject led by fully qualified arts practitioners are in limited supply. School budgets for theatre visits and workshops have recently been cut and subjects which fall within Arts and Humanities, such as Classics & Theatre, have suffered the most. Conversely the demand for external teaching support that is both practical, supportive and instructive remains high.


    Our educational programme will target groups which usually do not have access to facilities and material which supports their learning. Through our workshops we would offer them an understanding of the main themes and issues in the play and of Classical Greek drama in general, exploring such areas as how a chorus works and what constitutes a tragic hero. These would be tailor-made workshops, working directly with teachers and would fit the the requirements of individual schools and colleges

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide enhanced and practical workshops in education, focusing on disadvantaged areas.


    » Run 20 educational workshops throughout inner and outer London, each one created to suit the needs of the participants.

    What success will look like

    We will continually monitor and evaluate the project running feedback sessions to our workshops and also encouraging participants to complete a comprehensive questionnaire.

    Aim 2

    Re-appraise our workshops and undertake relevant training in specific areas to improve them.


    » Creating collaborations between our Education team and experts in the field of classical theatre eg Movement and Mask making.

    What success will look like

    We will bring in independent and highly skilled practitioners to help develop our existing outreach programme to enhance and improve our material.

    Aim 3

    Increase understanding and appreciation of Classical Greek Drama and to generate more interest.


    » Highlight the parallels between the themes found in Classic texts and contemporary issues. Use social media to raise awareness and participation.

    What success will look like

    We'll work closely with participatory groups to gauge feedback following workshops, and we'll examine and record statistical data on numbers of students studying Classics and Drama

  • Impact


    The enhancement of our Educational Programme will offer significant long term benefits to both student/participants and to the company itself. It will enable us to bring in and work with experienced professionals who will be able to share knowledge and skills, working closely with our Education Officers. We will then be able to offer a more enhanced workshop package, ensuring that participants gain the relevant skills they need to understand Classical Greek Drama.


    There is always the risk that schools might be reluctant to take on activities such as we are offering due to cuts in funding, but we have addressed this challenge by offering a subsidised package of workshops. These workshops will also correspond with schools drama syllabuses such as Antigone already outlined and Trojan Women, which is on the Eduquas syllabus and therefore will offer teachers a vital learning and examination resource, which also boosts their popularity.


    We will keep in regular contact with donors via email and newsletter and we shall give them a comprehensive update as the project develops, sharing with them the data we'll have collated. This correspondence will include details of numbers of students attending workshops, content and feedback

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,750

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,000 Educational workshops Holding 20 educational workshops throughout inner and outer London
      £1,500 Development Working with 2 key specialist to enhance our education programme
      £1,550 Mask making Creating and making 5 x specially made masks
      £1,250 Admin costs To manage and oversee the project
      £450 Travel costs For travel to workshops
  • Background


    The project would be available within inner and outer London area as there is a high demand of Drama and Classics within this region but we would make special provision for workshops in economically disadvantaged areas such as in Tower Hamlets as well as schools and colleges including BSix Brooke House V1 Form, Hackney Community College and St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College in Clapham. Schools keen to take advantage of participatory activities that benefit their students.


    Students, schools, teachers and the wider community in the areas we visit, will all benefit from this project, as they learn to use theatre as a tool to access issues and matters which affect us as a society, especially in collection with the timeless themes in Antigone and Trojan Women, etc. They will benefit from improving skills such as communication, collaboration, problem solving and will gain valuable insight in the creative (and cathartic) process of making and understanding theatre.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As a company with 23 years experience of producing high quality performances and adaptations of Ancient Greek Drama aod are well placed to carry out this project. Our educational programme is already well established and the testimonials and feedback we have received over the years have secured our place as vanguards for the promotion of Classics. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance what we offer and this project will allow us to further our goal in this key area.

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    Tamsin Shasha

    Artistic Director, managing and overseeing the project from its inception - Over 23 years of experience performing, devising and facilitating.

    Deirdre Daly

    Associate Director, overseeing the practical aspects of the projects and working closely with all collaborators

    Mark Katz

    Education Officer - Over 20 years experience as a professional actor and workshop leader Mark regularly receives 10/10 in workshop testimonials

    David Stuttard

    Classical scholar, writer and academic responsible for helping design and instigate the workshops, working closely with the Educational Officer

Workshop at St Brendan's V1 Form College

Workshop at St Brendan's V1 Form College

‘It was inspiring! Leader was a very good communicator. Stimulated our U6 in their own directing work.’ 10/10

Charlotte Avery, Norwich High School for Girls