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Project information

Singing / Musicality Support Teacher

We want to provide extra singing and musicality teaching to support children through the transition to Senior Choir, especially those with little exposure to music outside FCMG who can be at a disadvantage when moving up and might miss out on the opportunities singing in Senior Choir brings.

January 2019 - January 2021

Charity information: Finchley Children's Music Group

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  • Need


    FCMG is a highly regarded youth choir ranging from aged 4 - 18. The Senior Choirs offer amazing educational and performance opportunities to children as they are frequently invited to sing alongside professional orchestras at prestigious venues. We want all our children to benefit from what the Senior Choirs have to offer but moving up requires a certain level of vocal skill and musicality that is more difficult to achieve for children with little exposure to music outside of FCMG.


    We will appoint an experienced Singing teacher / Musicianship Coach to provide tailored extra help to those who might otherwise be unable to progress as fast as their peers. This support will be offered during our regular Sunday afternoon rehearsals, working with children one on one or in small groups, monitoring their progress and liaising with the Musical Director. It has been trialed over the last term with great success. Feedback has been positive but we don't have the funds to continue.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support any young singer in need of extra help to take full advantage of what FCMG has to offer.


    » We will offer individually tailored singing and musicality coaching from a qualified teacher where needed.

    What success will look like

    We will survey parents and children before and after a cycle of support teaching to assess impact as well as reports from the tutor and from the Musical Director on progress.

  • Impact


    One can't over-estimate how life enriching joining FCMG can be. Children are offered educational opportunities that have opened doors to many a musical career but they also find friendship and support. They join a close-knit community united by shared experience, hard work and fun. We want to keep these doors open to as many as we can because rehearsing and performing with older age groups inspires the younger children and helps them develop confidence and an important sense of self-worth.


    The main risk to our project is lack of ongoing funding. We plan to raise the additional funds required to sustain it through expansion of our junior choirs. We currently have a waiting list of singers who want to join. This has been costed and will adequately increase our revenue to support the project but will take a few years to bed in.


    An annual report will be written and shared directly with the Pledger and Champion donors and will be available on request to any on-line donor.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,299 Salary year 1 £36.65 ph, 3 hrs pw x 30 weeks pa
      £3,366 Salary year 2 £37.40 ph, 3 hrs pw x 30 weeks pa
      £1,335 Admin Support £22.25 ph x 1 hr pw x 30 weeks over 2 years
  • Background


    FCMG is based in East Finchley. Formed in 1958 to perform in the London premiere of Benjamin Britten's children's opera Noye's Fludde, it has since evolved into one of the country's most highly regarded mixed-voice youth choirs with a reputation for versatility, high levels of musicianship and professionalism. We are an inclusive organisation with ~ 170 members drawn from varied social, cultural and economic backgrounds, mostly residents of Brent, Barnet and Camden.


    The Beginner and Intermediate Choirs are open access but a degree of musical proficiency is required in order to progress to the Senior and Chamber Choirs at around the age of 11. These skills are actively taught during rehearsals but children who do not have the opportunity to pursue music outside FCMG are at a disadvantage. Targeted support from a musicality teacher would help those struggling to keep pace with their peers from missing out on all the opportunities that Senior Choir can bring.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a proven track record - this year is our 60th Anniversary! FCMG is renowned for the
    professional attitude of its young performers. As well as learning vocal skills, sight-reading, choir etiquette and general musicality, FCMG helps children develop self-discipline and the stamina to concentrate and work hard for long stretches of time. A significant number of singers have gone on to careers in music and theatre supported by their experiences in the choir.

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    Grace Rossiter

    Grace has been FCMG Musical Director for 15 years. She is an inspirational role model and mentor to the children who hold her in very high regard.

    Sara Raafat

    FCMG General Manager

    Polly Richards

    One of 7 volunteer trustees, all committed to ensuring that the opportunities that FCMG can offer is accessible to as many as possible.


30 min singing / musicianship tutorial to support progress and access to educational opportunities.