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Project information

The Preshal Trust

To provide a full programme of diversionary activities to support vulnerable individuals and families over-come the negative effects of social exclusion, poverty, deprivation, addictions, physical disability, mental health illness and a range of other isssues.

April 2019 - March 2020

Charity information: Preshal Trust

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  • Need


    Preshal provides a service in an area that remains one of the poorest areas in Scotland with a variety of problems consistent with multiple deprivation including high levels of unemployment with many relying on benefits to survive. Welfare cuts and lack of employment makes poverty very visible. Many are socially isolated with no friends or family.


    By providing a daily drop in people are able to come to us for food, warmth, clothing, company and advice as well as taking part in a range of activities to improve their overall health and wellbeing. By offering care and support in a friendly and loving manner to all who visit and encouraging them to take part in the activities we help build their confidence and feeling of self-worth.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Individual with disabilities, additional needs, mental health issues will be feel less isolated.


    » Weekly Krafty Friday sessions participating in activities such as arts/crafts, photography, drawing/painting, light gardening, knitting/crochet
    » 1 x weekly baking sessions with basic kitchen and hygiene skills
    » 1 x weekly music/choir sessions

    What success will look like

    Our clients complete questionnaires and we also carry out a question and answer session at the end of each block of activities. We also produce case studies

    Aim 2

    Children and Young people will have increased confidence.


    » 1 x weekly music tuition sessions (drums, guitar and vocals) via our Tuesday evening youth provision
    » 1 x weekly outreach guitar music tuition in 3 primary schools x 10 weeks x 4 blocks
    » 1 x weekly youth club offering mix of team games, table tennis, badminton, monthly healthy eating sessions, arts and crafts, digital photography, IT

    What success will look like

    Our clients complete questionnaires and we also carry out a question and answer session at the end of each block of activities. We also produce case studies

    Aim 3

    Older people will feel less isolated and lonely.


    » Monday-Friday weekly activity programme
    » 4 x weekly lunch clubs
    » Breaks at our outreach caravan at Saltcoats

    What success will look like

    Our clients complete questionnaires and we also carry out a question and answer session at the end of each block of activities. We also produce case studies

  • Impact


    By attending Preshal individuals will have improved health/wellbeing and the opportunity to integrate into the local community.
    Clients completing questionnaires allows us to receive feedback on the tuition/activities. Support workers record individuals taking part in the various activities available and making friends with others. They are also able to record through visual observations overall improved health/wellbeing of individuals through increased social interaction.


    This is our core work – the risks are lack of funding however we strive to have a diverse range of funding income so that we are no over dependent on any one source.


    We send all donors an annual progress report providing an update on our work over the past year. Should a donor require more frequent updates this is adhered to. Donors are also welcome to visit our project at any time.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £50,000 Core Costs Salaries, overheads and activities

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Garfield Weston Foundation £25,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Preshal is based in Govan with a population of around 6,000. Once a thriving shipping building community it is now one of the most deprived area of Glasgow. SIMD figures reveal that 34% of the population are income deprived, 35% of the population are employment deprived. The estimates of both male and female life expectancy in Greater Govan are below the Glasgow average and 27.3% are limited “a lot” or “a little” by disability.


    A diverse client group of all ages some of whom have addiction problems, mental health issues, some form of physical disability/learning disability, ex-offenders, prisoners and their families, homeless adults, infants, children, young people, parents and carers, older people and those affected by social exclusion and isolation.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Preshal Trust has been based in Linthouse in Govan since 2002 and is in touch with the problems associated with the local community. Preshal is trusted and respected by our clients and partner organisations. The staff team has a range of qualification to enable them to provide the best support to individuals with empathy to understand their situation. Individuals are happier to work with a voluntary organisation without statutory services being involved.

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    May Nicholson

    Director and Founder of the Preshal Trust has been at the heart of the Trust since day one and her knowledge and passion are key

    Alan Nicholson

    has a wealth of experience in managing the operational side of the project and delivering outcomes

    Annette Clydesdale

    Administrator keeps the wheels rolling and ensure all the administrative and financial business is in order

    Support Staff

    Several Support Staff who carry out the day to day activities and work closely with the clients all who have a passion and understanding for the work