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Project information

Shine the light on illegal hunting this Christmas

The League’s Baronsdown wildlife sanctuary sits amidst busy hunting and shooting estates. Animals are under constant threat – especially in the winter months when daylight fades fast. We want to install night vision CCTV and infra-red lighting to keep animal safe and intruders away.


Charity information: League Against Cruel Sports

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  • Need


    The League’s Baronsdown wildlife sanctuary sits amidst busy hunting and shooting estates. This unique retreat gives hunted animals a place to live free from persecution. It’s a safe place to rest, graze and rear their young in peace – the British countryside as it should be. Currently, there is limited lighting and minimal CCTV on Baronsdown which makes the sanctuary extremely vulnerable to intruders - especially in winter months when the light begins to fade.


    With your help today, we can invest in leading technology to:
    • Monitor trespass onto Sanctuary land.
    • Track and record intruders and identify hunts.
    • Capture footage of illegal hunting as evidence of a criminal offence and successfully take it to court for conviction.
    • Act swiftly to restore vandalised boundary fences to keep wildlife safe from hunting and shooting parties.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Install night vision CCTV and infra-red lighting for surveillance of the sanctuary


    » We will have full vision of sanctuary borders – particularly during the winter, hunting season when there is limited light available.

    What success will look like

    We will have full vision of sanctuary borders – particularly during the winter, hunting season when there is limited light available.

  • Impact


    Our vision is to bring an end to the persecution of animals for sport. With your help, we will secure the League Sanctuary boundary to give animals refuge – especially in winter when hunting and shooting season is in full swing. Local hunts will be captured on film if they trespass and footage will be passed as evidence to secure conviction where needed. This will send a strong message to illegal hunters that they must obey the Hunting Act.


    The sanctuary is under constant threat of trespass to drive animals from safety towards waiting hounds and guns. Without adequate surveillance and lighting of its Sanctuaries the League stands little chance of maintaining a strong presence around hunting communities. The brazen hunters will continue to patrol the sanctuary perimeter to chase animals from safety leaving nowhere for wildlife to rest or roam freely.


    We can update supporters with case studies and photos where the surveillance and lighting has helped to protect wildlife and prevent hunting and shooting parties trespassing on the land.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Lighting Provide infra-red lighting for Sanctuary perimeters.
      £15,000 Surveillance Purchase of CCTV system with night vision capability
      £1,000 Signage Install CCTV beware signage to deter intruders
      £9,000 Power supply Invest in remote power supply to ensure images can be beamed back to the main hub without time delay
  • Background


    Baronsdown Sanctuary is located in Exmoor, surrounded by hunting and shooting estates. The Sanctuary is often the only place hunted animals can escape to. We also have an office in Godalming, Surrey for easy-access to MP and Parliament to defend the Hunting Act.


    Our sanctuaries benefit a huge variety of British wildlife – from three species of deer, foxes and badgers to rare butterflies and birds. The sanctuary is already opened to offer educational opportunities to League supporters and there are plans underway to convert a former hunting hound kennels on the sanctuary into an educational centre for the local community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The League is known for being instrumental in bringing about the Hunting Act 2004 which banned hunting with hounds in England and Wales, yet we are still fighting to protect foxes, hare and deer from illegal hunting which takes place far too frequently across the UK.
    We have a specialised team of ex-police intelligence and investigators with over a century of experience in wildlife crime.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Paul Tilsley

    Head of Conservation and Education: Paul has led the conservation at Baronsdown for the past 18 years.

    Darryl Cunnington

    Darryl leads a team of eight investigators who work on the frontline to track hunts and record illegal activity.

    Martin Sims

    Former Head of National Wildlife Crime Unit, Martin leads our intelligence work to successfully link criminals to criminality.

There is no defence for subjecting a roe deer to the suffering it sustains during a hunt. This small beautiful deer does not have the strength for long runs and will be chased to complete exhaustion until it is unable to move.

Kevin Hill