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Project information

Nepal child trauma management centre and refuge

We have a child trauma management centre and transit refuge in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is central to our child rescue programme that rescues displaced Nepalese children from India and victims of child sexual abuse in Nepal itself. Where necessary we also provide education and training for adult life.

January 2019 - December 2024

Charity information: ChoraChori

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  • Need


    We rescue displaced and trafficked Nepalese children from India and the victims of child sexual abuse, including rape, from Nepal itself. Both groups show serious mental health issues after their traumas. We need to rehabilitate these children towards ideally returning them to their families (if safe and desirable to do so) or their communities. Restoration of mental health is vital to achieve this. Also, if reintegration is not possible, we educate and train for independent adult life.


    We operate a transit refuge in a healing environment in the hills above Kathmandu valley. Here all basic needs are cared for and children have excellent space to play and recover. They attend the nearby government school alongside children from the local community. On the same site we have a child trauma management centre that is operated by an experienced psychosocial counsellor. We provide in-house and external vocational training. Other staff research and assess families before reunification.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To rescue children to a place of safety


    » Field teams go into India to trace Nepali children and secure their release. Often children are held in dangerous government \
    » Field teams follow up reports of serious sexual abuse and rape in Nepal itself, rescuing children from their assailants, bringing them to justice.

    What success will look like

    We will hold records showing the number of children admitted to the refuge and trauma centre annually.

    Aim 2

    To rehabilitate rescued children pending their reunification with families


    » We cater for all the basic needs - food, clothes, education, recreation, medical etc - through our transit refuge.
    » We address mental health issues through trained staff in a residential child trauma management centre that is on the same site.

    What success will look like

    We will be able to show the number of children passing through the refuge/trauma centre each year alongside clinical notes (while maintaining confidentiality).

    Aim 3

    To reunite children with families and communities, where possible and safe to do so.


    » Field staff research and assess family circumstances for reunification by visits and follow up reunifications to monitor progress and further needs.

    What success will look like

    Field staff maintain reunification records and notes of monitoring visits.

    Aim 4

    To provide education and training towards independent living for children who cannot be reunited.


    » We provide education, both formal and non-formal and vocational training for the 5 - 10% of children who cannot be reunited with their families.

    What success will look like

    We will hold records of children who complete education and training both in-house and from external training providers.

  • Impact


    ChoraChori has been at the forefront of the #metoo movement in Nepal. While providing grassroots welfare support, we have been campaigning for the rights of the victims of child sexual abuse. This includes advocating for their proper management by the police and courts.

    In parallel we are continuing to work towards a seamless reunification of displaced Nepali children from India so that children are not separated from families for one day longer than necessary. This is also a fundamental right.


    The major risk is a lack of funds and professional expertise to support our local project partner.

    We have dealt with this risk by partnering with registered charity Unity in Health which is already working on mental health projects in Nepal. In the past year Unity in Health has been very successful in raising funds in Singapore. The Founder of Unity in Health has a weekly Skype with the Clinical Director of the trauma centre and provides volunteers from time to time.


    We report to major donors and Foundations through scheduled reports. We communicate with the general public through social media (primarily Facebook and LinkedIn), quarterly newsletters and the website with its associated blog.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £80,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Rescue of children from India Rescue and repatriation operations
      £21,000 Care of refuge children Catering for basic needs, education, medical, recreational
      £15,000 child trauma management centre Care staff, individual and group work including art therapy
      £10,000 vocational training Support to children who cannot be returned to families
      £12,000 local project management ChoraChori-Nepal project management support and overheads
      £12,000 Capacity development, MEL Fundraising support and communications, project visits, by ChoraChori in UK
  • Background


    It is based in Kathmandu, Nepal, with field operations extending into remote rural areas and into India.


    There are two primary beneficiary groups:

    1. The child victims of sexual abuse in Nepal
    2. Displaced and trafficked Nepali children who are stranded in India

    Families of both groups are secondary beneficiaries.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    This is an extension of an earlier project that was focussed primarily on our transit refuge. It was only after we became aware of the scale of mental health problems in child returnees from India that we set up a child trauma management centre. This has been operating for the past year. Our partner NGO is the only organisation in Nepal that is engaged in this kind of rescue and rehabilitation work, dealing with extreme cases. We have a strong supporting partnership, also with Unity In Health.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Lt Col (Retd) Philip Holmes

    The Founder and CEO of ChoraChori, his role is overall project control and coordination of partners. He is the principal fundraiser and communicator.

    Mr Joao Marcal-Grilo

    Joao is the Founder and CEO of Unity in Health. He is responsible for clinical support to the Clinical Director of the trauma management centre.

    Mr Bhaskar Karki

    Bhaskar is the CEO of the implementing partner NGO, ChoraChori-Nepal. He has oversight of all operational activities and of financial management.

    Mrs Sailu Rajbhandari

    Sailu is a highly trained psychosocial counsellor. She is the Clinical Director of the child trauma management centre.


Covers the monthly care cost of one child at our refuge - food, clothes, education and recreation.

I visited the wonderful ChoraChori child trauma management centre in 2017 just as it was being completed. This residential unit provides trauma counselling and therapy through arts and crafts, a contemporary approach to helping children deal with feelings they cannot describe. Most impressive!!

Anne Allen, Trustee The ADM Charitable Trust