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Project information

Healthier Lives for Young People

Our project improves the health of young people by teaching and mentoring the health care workers who provide their care and treatment.

We support staff, on-site in clinics, building skills to deliver quality HIV and Sexual Health services to all adolescents and young people in their community.

January 2018 - December 2018

Charity information: CHIVA Africa

CHIVA Africa logo
  • Need


    UNAIDS states that there are 320,000 adolescents living with HIV in South Africa; the highest in the world. With more than half of all HIV infections occurring in young people between the ages 15 and 24, HIV in South Africa has largely become a ‘youth epidemic’.

    Our experience has highlighted key factors that prevent services from meeting the needs of young people. These include accessibility of services; concerns about confidentiality; and attitudes and skills among staff.


    ‘The care and support I get here is unbelievable’ one 16 year old client explains. ‘They never judge me… I accepted myself. I’m not HIV-positive, I’m living with HIV.'

    Our teams provide mentoring and teaching to help each clinic strengthen and improve the services they offer to young people.

    From our experience we know that after our year-long work with clinic teams, staff feel better equipped and more confident in caring for young people, who in turn are more likely to seek their services.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Strengthen adolescent and youth friendly services in health facilities in 5 communities.


    » 10 days (1/month) with each clinic team delivering mentoring and teaching focused on improving adolescent health services in their community.
    » Assessments at baseline, interim and exit against 244 indicators and 10 standards . Analysis enables focused teaching for all on-site sessions
    » Between on-site visits our team provide remote support to each clinic focused on each area identified for quality improvement in the action plan.
    » Collect and analyse data on service use by adolescents. Teach staff how to collect and analyse data, in order to spot trends and gaps in service.

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated by:
    (1) Each clinic achieving >80% for all AYFS Standards.
    (2) Evidence of new activity.
    (3) Positive response from adolescents and health workers.

  • Impact


    Each facility will be providing sexual health services, HIV prevention, treatment and care to young people in 5 communities.

    New targeted services include: Happy Hours; Fast tracking children; Outreach activities; and Clinic Committees which include young people to ensure accountability.

    On average, each clinic will have more than 5,500 consultations with young people every year. By focusing on building skills, on-site where health workers work, we ensure long term change and sustainability.


    The biggest risk we face is when staff teams do not engage. This is rare but can derail the process.

    We overcome resistance to change through our supportive on-site mentoring (we are not judgmental) and engagement with the team during the baseline assessment - showing them how they are a part of the design of the project (it's focused on their needs).

    Questionnaires with young people also show the staff team what services are needed, and how engaging with young people can be helpful.


    We will provide a report at the end of the twelve month project and also provide updates during the year. We'll be able to provide testimonials from health workers, young people, and our staff detailing the changes made through their support. We would aim to provide images showing the work in action

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,303

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,233 Country Director The CD manages the overall programme and DOH relationship - this is 15% of her time.
      £5,810 M&E Officer Will support the team and clinics to collect and analyse data to measure performance and spot trends
      £8,429 AYFS Manager 25% of PM time to work with clinics and manage the AYFS teams
      £7,808 AYFS Facilitator The AYFS Facilitator will lead the work with the health facilities. 100% of salary.
      £3,689 AYFS Mentor The AYFS Mentor role is an intern role which supports the AYFS Facilitator. 100% of salary.
      £4,505 Transport Transport to and from health facilities. Includes cost of driver/administrator
      £2,460 Admin Telephones, internet and rent - pro-rata based on involvement in the project
      £369 AYFS Materials for clinics Cost of printing AYFS materials for clinics

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    ELMA Foundation £15,114 Guaranteed
    JAKAMaR Trust £12,500 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The project will take place in 5 communities in eThekwini District in KwaZulu Province, South Africa.

    eThekwini is one of the Districts most affected by HIV in South Africa. From the South Africa District Health Barometer 2013/14 we know that in eThekwini, there are 256,807 adults (aged 15+) receiving ART, and 14,523 children (aged 0-15) – both of these are the highest in South Africa.


    Beneficiaries fall into 3 groups:

    Young people and adolescents served by the 5 clinics. From previous projects we estimate that each clinic has a catchment area of 10,000 10-24 year olds.

    All staff in clinics incl. nurses, counselors, administrators, security and cleaners (all have an impact on making youth welcome). On average there are 30 staff/clinic.

    Children younger than adolescents. The effect of improving the skill and knowledge of healthcare workers will benefit future adolescents.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been working in South Africa since 2004 providing mentoring, teaching and support to healthcare professionals caring for children and adolescents living with HIV.

    Our experience led to us to develop the model in this project. Over the past 3 years we have continually evolved our approach and have helped staff teams strengthen services in 23 clinics. in 2017 we are implementing this model in 15 clinics, as well as piloting a condensed programme in 20 clinics in partnership with UNFPA.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Juliet Houghton

    Juliet is responsible for the development and delivery of all work in South Africa. She will oversee the delivery and design of this project.

    Nokuthula Magwaza

    Nokuthula is CHIVA South Africa's Adolescent Programme Manager and will manage the day to day of the programme and relationships with each clinic.

    Sonto Sikhosana

    Sonto is the AYFS Facilitator on this project and will lead the mentoring and teaching work with each clinic team.

    Thokozani Dlamini

    TK is an AYFS Mentor and will support Sonto in the ongoing mentoring and teaching with each clinic team.


matched is £60! This will support our expert staff to help improve health services for young people

“Since CHIVA SA started supporting us, our facility has improved drastically. It was an eye-opener – we have changed our attitudes towards youth. Young people say that we respect their rights, we have started a happy hour every week. More teenagers now attend our facility.”

Z. Sokhulu, Counsellor, Zwelibomvu Clinic